Monday, January 02, 2006

In My Stables: BEN.RUN


This is my first post for 2006, and I feel it fitting to start the year right by welcoming my new stable tenant, Ben! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!

Ben's blog is called Ben.Run. Why? Well, because that's what Ben loves to do. Run. A lot.

Ben, a resident of Wellington, New Zealand writes: "I write this blog to document my running, and also other random things from my life". And that's exactly what he has in store for you in his nook in cyberspace -- stories of his running (races he's joined, races he's warming up to join..), books he fancies, photos he's taken and other cool stuff he's taken an interest in. It's great that he has all these categories of posts indicated on each entry -- it helps the readers zoom into the topics that best interest them, and allows them to decide on which posts they want to linger at.

Why don't you guys trot over to Ben right now (he's in my right side bar) and tell him that Chrixean whispered his name to you! :-)


utenzi said...

Thanks for the New Year wishes, Chrix. I hope you (and your tenant Ben) have a wonderful and happy New Year also. Cheers. said...

Thank you for the introduction!