Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Remember I told you guys before in an earlier post that Allan and I each have our own wishlists that we put together every year? Well, I am tweaking the list a bit to accomodate not just my material wishes, but my personal resolutions as well. I don't have a target on how many I plan to put on the list, so this could end abruptly, or go on and on. I'll just let the thoughts flow freely into the keyboard....


1. Bring in at least 5 new clients a month for My Left Hand (our advertising / graphic design company) and bag at least one major client (or turn one of our existing ones) to be the company's cash cow.
2. Formally launch Bubblewrap (our newest apparel business) by 2nd quarter of the year into a full-blown corporation with a store to sell our growing product line.
3. Move into a newer and bigger office to house both companies.
4. Be blessed with good clients. Good meaning kind, compassionate, understanding people who see value in the work that you do for them and stay loyal to the business relationship you have established with them.
5. Learn to say NO. Because I am in a service-oriented business, I have great difficulty saying no to people. And this has spilled over to how I am with other people as well. My tendency to please is driving me and my hubby crazy. I over-extend my time and my capabilities just so I don't lose out on a potential project. Even if it compromises my beliefs, my time for myself and with my family. My dream moment? To walk out of a dull, pointless meeting where the client just cares about making money and shows no interest or value in your work. As in -- just get up and walk out. Sigh.
6. Find inner peace. I probably still have a lot of excess baggage hidden somewhere in a nook inside my heart. I myself can't find it to acknowledge what exactly is hidden there. But whatever it is, it still disrupts my peace. I need to find it, acknowledge it, forgive myself or others for it. Then move on.
7. Work out. Seriously. If only I exercised as much as I shouls each day I spend eating, I would probably be a size 2 by now. But reality bites...
8. Stick to a healthy eating plan. No white rice (must say 10X), no cream-based pasta (must say 30X!! grrr...), no fat-filled desserts (must be put under hypnosis now...).
9. Read more. I used to spend 50% of my waking hours reading books -- fiction or non-fiction novels. Now i spend more time surfing the internet and browsing through design and fashion magazines.
10. Pay all my credit card bills. What more can I say?
11. Buy a new car. My trusty Lancer GLXi is still running as good as ever, but it has it's occasional chokes. It needs a break. And a new Mazda 3 can keep it company (are we still drooling over this car?).
12. Save money for a new house. I really want one. Really. I want my own kitchen, bathroom and garden to decorate. I want the Marasigan stamp to be on every little detail of the house. I want a den / library / gameroom. I want a prayer / meditation room. I want all of those. And Allan deserves that too. He needs to be the man of the house.
13. Have a new baby. A girl would be sweet :-)
14. To enroll Nicky in a good school. I can't be too specific with this because I still believe in the Lord's intervention in these things. I am aiming for De La Salle. But Lord may have other plans...
15. To have P20,000 ($380) excess money a month for pure shopping. To others this may not be a lot, to some it may sound outrageous. Whatever you think, it's my wish list. So this is what i'm putting.
16. Go to Hong Kong Disneyland with my family. I don't just wish for money for travel. I wish for the time I can spare to leave my job and just go on a vacation.
17. Visit my brother-in-law and his family in Michigan. Same as above.
18. Save a half-year's salary. Wow!
19. Give more than 10% to the LNP community and to give more to our supported orphanage, Concordia Children's Services.
20. Spend at least 15 minutes each morning in praise and worship. It helps me stay sane throughout the day. This, coupled with reading Scriptures more, and praying for other people's needs.
21. Stop worrying. About everything. And anything. Let go of control totally. Surrender the reigns of my life to the One who is in control.
22. Live more, relax more, have more fun. Having true fun seems unreal for someone like me. I always seem to be haunted by thoughts of work that i need to get done, work that I forgot to do, work that will be coming soon. I need to loosen up and just suck the life out of LIFE!
23. Buy something that I really want and not feel guilty.
24. I don't get sick. At all. Not even a cold.
25. And that Allan and Nicky don't get sick also. I've managed to remain in a healthier state compared to my hubby and son. I wish this year they'd stay stronger and more resistant to sickness.
26. Finish everything I set out to do. Like finish a painting for once!
27. Reconcile with people I had a falling out with. I don't necessarily need them to be my friends again. I just need to learn to forgive and receive forgiveness from people of the past.
28. To not care about what anybody thinks. To make other people's thoughts their own business and to not bother feeling bad if somebody sees things differently.
29. Take better care of my hair and skin. i have been neglecting my body a lot this past year. My time has been so consumed with work and worries of work that i failed to take better care of myself.
30. Have our portrait taken and turn it into a wall mural. No big reason. I just think it would be cool :-)

I probably could get to 100 with the list. But I guess this is it for now. I will put up another list when I feel the urge to continue with this. Do you have your New Year Wishlists / Resolutions up yet? If you do, send me your link so i can view them too! Would be fun to give each other a RAH! RAH! for the goals we've set out to do.


Trinity13 said...

I'm with ya on #5. I have such a hard time saying no to people!

Btw, I to need to work out! Desperetely!!!

ribbiticus said...

great, great list, peach! i pray you get to achieve most (if not all) of them by year's end. :)


Wowowee!!!! Seems to be a very busy year!!!! Good Luck. May you achieve all.

bozette said...

That is a wonderful list I agree with trinty13 I also have a hard time saying no to anyone.

Claire said...

Wow, you've sure got a lot to fit into a year! Good luck!!

I love your banner design...I'm presuming you did it?!

Will Powers said...

I spotted about 18 that are on my wish list too! Great luck with it! Like the bubblewrap too.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm exhausted!!(lol) You have set out to accomplish a HUGE amount in 2006..(maybe even sooner...!) I think it's great you have sooo very much you want to accomplish! Where do you begin???

I on the other hand just want to get a GOOD nights rest! Simple. Easy. That's not asking a lot, is it?

Wendy sent me to visit you, my dear..
I truly do wish you the best of luck with this fantastic list...but, I gotta tell you, it makes me tired...(lol)

Uisce said...

Hello, Michele sent me! Wow, that's quite a list! I wish you luck with your resolutions. I've been doing pretty well with my own, so far so good! My resolutions.

Melody said...

Good luck with ALL of your resolutions. I, myself, haven't set any resolutions out for myself this year, but if I did, I would definitely tell you!!

I'm here via Michele today. Have a great weekend.

Running2Ks said...

5, 7, 10, 22, 30 (family picture). Sing it sistah! Wow, I am sooo with you on so many of these :)

Juggling Mother said...

Yu don't expect much from yourself do you? *grin*

I thought I had a busy life, but I wouldn't try to do half the things on that list all in one year!

i did put up a new year resolution post a few days ago, but now I feel wholly inadequate;-) Some are the same, and some are NO WAY (13), and some are just impossible for me right now. Good luck with doing as much as you can though.

here from Michele's

Ally said...

Good list!!
Take baby steps and you can do it!!
Here via Michele's!!

JustSue said...

Wow! I am exhausted just reading that list. You are going to have a very busy (and I am sure a very successful) year. Just make sure to put aside enough time for your friends here in the Blogosphere!

Carol said...

Hi there. I thought I'd check your blog out to see how weird you really are and so far you don't look too weird (about 10% weird?). If you wanna do the "How Weird Am I?" meme, let me know and I'll link to you.

I don't have a list of resolutions yet. Maybe in March!

See ya.

Otto K said...

Good luck with your wish list.

Wendy directed me here today.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Great list Chrixean! I don't have one up yet either. Some of yours wuld definitely be on mine though.
:-) Wendy directed me here today.


Claire said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...the background on your banner is great! I agree about the wedding planning, We spent 2 years planning my sisters last year and I was involved in every step...enjoyed it so much would love to do it full time...but it's not a popular thing over here to hire a wedding planner!

WendyWings said...

Just swung by to say thanks for "auditioning" at my blog , the winner is now posted for this month, hope to see you again sooner rather then later :)

Janet said...

Learning to say no is a HUGE one for me. I don't know why this is so hard. Nancy Reagan's been saying it for years.