Wednesday, November 29, 2006

For My Baby Girl (She makes me feel mushy...)

You’re finally here
My heart is overwhelmed

Rush of emotions come flooding in

As I see you for the first time

Tears roll down my cheek

While I stare at you


Such a wonder and a beauty

Given to me

To love and to care for

I feel God’s love for me

Through you

And there’s a warmth

That comforts me

As I look into your eyes

As if God was looking back at me

Your soft skin

Your fresh baby scent

Your tender coos

Fill me with a joy

That reminds me
I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Out of Touch

So sorry to my millions of readers worldwide (wahahahahaha!!!!! just needed a good laugh before i proceeded) for I have been missing several days of posting already. My trusty Mac died on me last week and it's been in the shop for a week already. I'm really pissed because it's the fastest computer in my office and house, which means I'm left with my I-Book and it is just sooooooo slow. I'm not complaining. I am thankful to have another computer that I could use for work, but it just gets so frustrating when it takes 2 minutes to open a Word document! So right now I am using my mom's computer just to make this quick post to let you know that I am still alive and breathing!

To update you on how things have been the past week:
  • Allan was hospitalized for 2 days. Why? Over fatigue. He hasn't been sleeping long enough to get the right amount of rest and he missed a few meals in the day. So he ended up with an extreme case of vertigo and dehydration. I saw him puking by the toilet when I walked into the house! Poor hubby! We ended up in the emergency room and eventually he needed to be confined so that they can give him tranquilizers and fluids.
  • The day after I went home from the hospital to breastfeed Keira and get some rest, I woke up with a really high fever! Talk about a bad bug! I'm guessing that because of my lowered resistance as well due to lack of sleep, I might have picked up something in the hospital air.
  • I had a bad encounter with my accountant over her negligence with taking care of our family's social security remittances and our health care claims. Because of this, we were unable to claim my maternity benefits and avail of Allan's hospitalization discounts. It really made me so upset that her failure to do her job properly cost us a huge amount of money (money that we could have saved to pay for other important expenses that are coming up), and I made sure I let her know this. Right now I've forgiven her and surrendered my disappointed to God, and just prayed for the Lord's continuous support for our business and finances.
But despite the seemingly bad experiences, I am still thankful that Nicky and Keira are well and healthy. I am also thankful that I am almost fully healed and so far, I've been pain free already for two weeks. It has made my nursing moments with Keira so much more pleasant, and I've enjoyed staying up with her until the wee hours even more.

I hope I could post my Thankful Thursday tomorrow. My time at work (thank goodness my hubby and I work together!), time with Keira and time with Nicky fills up all hours of my day, and probably will stay this way in the next months still. Thank you to everyone who still drops by and visits despite my erratic postings. I am praying my Power Mac comes back from the shop already and hopefully I will be able to get back in the loop.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not Another One!

Time: Evening, preparing for bed
Scene: I'm sitting on Nicky's bed preparing him to sleep. I just changed into a tight tank top and pajamas, without my abdominal binder on (which i wear during the day to protect my surgery area and to keep my abdomen pressed in). It's Nicky's first time to see my abdomen hang loose underneath tight clothing.

Nicky: Oh no!
Me: Why?
Nicky (pointing to my bulging abdomen): You're having another one?
Me: What?
Nicky: You're having another baby? (Panic-stricken expression)
Me: No!
Nicky: Then why did it grow upward?
Me: Haha! Actually, it hasn't gone down yet!
Nicky: So there's nothing in there?
Me: Just my insides and my wound which is still healing inside. That's why it's still bulging. It will take awhile for it to go down. It's only been a month, Nicky.
Nicky (pretending to feel faint, plops down on the bed): Phew! That was close!

End of scene (:P)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thankful Thursday 42

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What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

Time for mother and son bonding!

Nicky has been feeling anxious again these past days, feeling Keira's overwhelming presence in the family and seeing her as a threat to his position as the only "baby" in the household and to the love that was previously entirely his to bask in. The effects have not been too good for him and for us. He has become increasingly loud and aggressive in his behaviour, he has regressed in so many ways (acting like a baby again), and has become overly sensitive to people's reactions towards him and Keira. It has gotten to the point where we've all become emotionally tired and stressed out due to lack of sleep, work and trying so hard to be understanding of Nicky's personal concerns. Because of this, i decided to work overtime yesterday evening so that I was free today to take Nicky out for a whole day of fun mom and son activities.

It has been a long time since Nicky and I had actually done anything together for a full day, and this meant doing all the stuff that he wanted to do, and me joining in everything! I never thought I'd have so much fun, but I did! Especially when we spent the afternoon at the video arcade -- I didn't want to get off those car racing machines! We went to toy stores, book stores, coffee shops and soft play areas, and had a blast (and I didn't spend a lot! :D)! I really had a great time, and I know Nicky did, too, because he kept telling me he loved me and kept holding my hand while walking around the mall. I told him we should continue having mommy and Nicky dates on a more regular basis, especially since I am able to move around better now (my sutures have healed and have just a bit of pain left underneath).

I look forward to our next date, and hopefully I will be able to strengthen our mommy and son relationship even more through our frequent times together. :D

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Celebrating life

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God bless you today, dearest friend of mine...

Take care and may the deepest desires of your heart come true for you today! :-)

Can you spell R & R?

Here are pictures from our recent stay at Bellevue hotel last November 1. All four of us packed our overnight bags and hied off to the hotel to get much needed rest and relaxation, and to spend quality time together as a family. It was the first time for Keira to sleep in a place other than her room, and it was our first time to have a month old baby with us away from home. It was quite an experience! We found out that Keira hated the cold, and so she obviously didn't welcome the hotel room's crisp coolness. We tried turning off the aircon, but Nicky complained of the heat. But Keira seemed to love swimming in her sweat! What to do, what to do? Keira couldn't sleep in the cold, and all of us couldn't sleep in the heat! So where did Keira end up sleeping? -- in the bathroom! Hahaha! We parked her stroller right beside the bath tub, and she enjoyed every minute of sleep in the warm room while all three of us slept in the cold airconditioned bedroom! What a funny girl she's turning out to be. I just love her quirkiness! :P

I invited our relatives to join us to swim at the hotel's pool, and below are some of fun photos from an afternoon of complete R&R.

"Hi Keira! Swimming is fun! Jump in!"

"Daddy, swimming does seem fun. Can I go?"

"Mommy, it really isn't cool being stuck in here. I want to swim!"

"Uhm, this isn't what I had in mind...."

"Sigh. Ok, close enough. What'dya think bro?"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spirit Break

It's Halloween and All Soul's Day, and I personally think my soul needs a break as well.

I haven't been getting a lot of
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due to Keira's crazy sleep schedule.

I've been swamped with tons of project deadlines, too!
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Which got me really
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So today, since it's a holiday, my family and I are checking in at a hotel to get rest.
My body and spirit definitely need this break.

Otherwise, I will end up
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