Friday, April 06, 1990

Thankful Thursday 12

Thankful Thursday: What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

I am thankful this week for the Lord's faithfulness in my life.

5 years ago, I made the decision to leave the corporate world to be full time with my son Nicky who was then only 2 years old. I was at first hesitant to leave my comfort zone of being a 9-to-9 employee, with a good paying job and position. But seeing that my son was delayed in a lot of his motor skills and in his speech development (it turned out that my nanny NEVER spoke to him nor even tried to teach him to do anything the whole day she was with him), it worried me deeply and moved me to make the decision to choose him over my job. It was a scary move since Allan and I were just starting out, and badly needed all the financial support we could get. But coming home late at night and waking up early without having the chance to spend the time with my baby boy was definitely not what he needed at that time. I prayed earnestly to God that He would honor my decision to be with my son full time, and asked that He provide for our needs. And He did honor my prayer.

He gave me a design business which I could do while taking care of my son. It was a small graphic design company I put up on my own, which allowed me to work when my son was asleep, and allowed me to play with him or go to the mall with him when my schedule was lighter. In fact, the Lord God not only blessed me for my "leap of faith" by giving me a business, but He also made our business grow and prosper that it even allowed my husband Allan to leave his full time job as well to join me in my business. This gave both Allan and I the opportunity to raise Nicky together as full-time parents -- something that many parents, especially the working ones, are not privileged to do. We earned our keep during the day, and in between the day we get to spend time playing with Nicky, attending to all of his school activities, and being thoroughly involved in his lessons and study sessions. Nicky practically saw us 24/7, and it has been this way for the past 5 years. Praise God for his faithfulness!

Today, Nicky is 7 years old, and his development mentally, emotionally and physically has far exceeded our expectations of him. We have been blessed with an exceptional child
and we would like to attribute this to the fact that we chose our family over our career growth in the corporate world, and TRUSTED IN HIM entirely with our career and finances . We may not have "managerial" or VP positions in multinational corporations, but we are the presidents and general managers in the eyes of our son. And knowing that we gave our child ALL of us is more important to me than a 6-digit monthly paying job which will steal my time from my family. I will forever be thankful for the Lord God, for my answered prayer allowed me to have precious quality times with both Nicky and Allan. The bonus is that His faithfulness still rewarded us with a financially fulfilling business which has provided for both our needs and wants for the past 5 years. :-)

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