Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Million Thanks!

I stopped blogging for 3 weeks for a good reason. God blessed us with tons of work and gave us a wonderful opportunity to serve our kids ministry in the best way we can. Below are the top three reasons why I am so thankful and blessed:

1) High School Musical On Stage!
Stages and Trumpets Playshop are doing a 2-month run of the popular Disney's
High School Musical movie phenomenon, and our design company My Left Hand was tapped to do their souvenir program. It was a wonderfully unique (and stressful) project, as the entire concept was to turn the usual program into a colorful teen magazine! We did an entire 64-page full color magazine from concept, writing, design and layout up to printing of 3,000 copies in just 2 WEEKS! It was difficult, tiring, challenging (faith testing!), but truly rewarding in the end because the client was so HAPPY! No, more like elated! Partly shocked also because they didn't expect that we would be able to pull off delivering the full quantity on the day of their first show. The magazine got so much positive reviews -- the sleepless nights, the working on weekends till early mornings, the worry, the tears, and the frustrations were definitely all worth it. Thank you to the Good Lord for entrusting us with this project and giving us the talents, skills and capabilities to give client more than what they expected. Thank you SO MUCH to the MLH team - Allan, Jennie, Kax, Dan - bravo! See sample pages below:

2) Noah's Ark Musical
Our youth ministry which Allan and I are a part of organized again this year a musical production, this time with Noah's Ark as the theme. It was a huge production (huge given our ministry budget), and we were blessed with twice the number of participants, elaborate costumes, set design, props and sound equipment, a FULL HOUSE (even sold Standing Room Only tickets!), and of course, the involvement of our dear son, Nicky. This year he played a turtle in Noah's Ark, and he had so much fun doing the show. It is Nicky's 3rd year of performing on the big stage, and I am so proud to say that he is really getting the hang of it! Our company, My Left Hand was also tasked to produce the souvenir program, and we also had some really great feedback from the people who bought them (they ran out of stock on opening night!). I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunity for my entire family to be a part of such a big evangelistic event for the youth. It also gave my extended family (parents and in-laws) the chance to spend time together for an evening of fun, food (we had dinner at Oyster, Oyster that night -- yum!) and entertainment.

Opening number

Nicky's the green turtle!

Noah doing an Elvis impersonation

Whole cast closing number

Little animals

3) Martin's 7th Birthday Party

My good friend Claire and her family came home from Singapore to host a birthday party for her son Martin. It was a grand event held at Palms Country Club, and it was a wonderful opportunity for all of us in our cell group to come together in fellowship and spend time with our kids. It was a costume party, and Nicky went as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (uhm... notice the costume???) and Keira as Wonder Woman... er, Baby! I am thankful for the fun, the fellowship, the food, and most of all, for Nicky winning the costume contest! Not bad for a recycled costume! haha!

Nicky won 1st prize!

Wonder Women

Tita Claire with Keira