Friday, August 17, 2007

All About Me

Thank you, that I have time to post today! :D

Again, I've been quite erratic in my postings due to workload (thank you, Lord for them) and to trying to allow "me time" in whatever hours remain in the day. I've been going to the gym for the past 3 months, trying to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. So far I think I've been successful in this area because I fit into all of my old jeans and tees already (yes!). I need to lose at least 6 more pounds, and I can say I am really back in fighting form. I am slowly trying to rebuild my wardrobe as well (I still have my pre-pregnancy tops, and they are all out of fashion already...), so I try to purchase one or two items every pay day to update my look. I have yet to avail of all my Calayan Surgicentre skin treatments, to treat all the skin pigmentation problems I experienced during pregnancy. Hopefully I could fit that into my already crazy schedule.

Apart from me, I am happy with my family life. Keira is turning 11 months by end of August, and is showing some of her spirit and character already through her mischievous grins and knowing glances. Nicky is enjoying school and has been a really loving and caring older brother to his baby sis. Allan is, as always, really wonderful to me. He has been teaching me to take care of myself more by encouraging me to go to the spa, to shop more (see, isn't he wonderful?) and to spend time with friends. He is enjoying his work a lot lately and is relishing the time spent with the kids. Work has been very fulfilling as well, and hopefully, we can achieve the goals we have set out to achieve for our company in the next couple of months.

Well, that's me and my life for now. I am happy and content. I surrender the days ahead to the Lord, who sees beyond what I can see, and I enjoy whatever lies clearly in front of me. :)

** Thank you to my photographer, Jennie, for taking such great pics! A new career lies ahead...

Monday, August 06, 2007

We're 6!

Our company, My Left Hand, turned 6 this July! We had a simple lunch celebration at Oyster & Oyster here in Westgate, Filinvest (where we pigged out and played IceBreaker games and pigged out some more...). The business has indeed come a long way and I am so proud of our accomplishments throughout these years. I am thankful for all the people we've worked with in our team and who we continue to work with, and bless us and others still with the work they produce. I am thankful for all the clients who have come and gone, and who continue to stay loyal to us after 6 fruitful years. I am thankful for the Lord God's blessings and provisions... He made this company for all of us, and it remains His to grow and to prosper!

Happy 6th Anniversary to MY LEFT HAND!