Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not Another One!

Time: Evening, preparing for bed
Scene: I'm sitting on Nicky's bed preparing him to sleep. I just changed into a tight tank top and pajamas, without my abdominal binder on (which i wear during the day to protect my surgery area and to keep my abdomen pressed in). It's Nicky's first time to see my abdomen hang loose underneath tight clothing.

Nicky: Oh no!
Me: Why?
Nicky (pointing to my bulging abdomen): You're having another one?
Me: What?
Nicky: You're having another baby? (Panic-stricken expression)
Me: No!
Nicky: Then why did it grow upward?
Me: Haha! Actually, it hasn't gone down yet!
Nicky: So there's nothing in there?
Me: Just my insides and my wound which is still healing inside. That's why it's still bulging. It will take awhile for it to go down. It's only been a month, Nicky.
Nicky (pretending to feel faint, plops down on the bed): Phew! That was close!

End of scene (:P)


Viamarie said...

Just imagining the expression on his face.


banannarama said...

that is just too cute! :) i have always had a facination with kids.

hope you don't mind my blog hopping.

eph2810 said...

Kids are always so honest - aren't they? Hope you are doing fine otherwise :)...

Blessings on your day and always.

Meow said...

Hahaha ... poor Nicky, he sounded worried. Hope he's coping OK with being a big brother.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

chinois97 said...

Hahaha! Nicky is so cute. I can picture his face while saying that - complete with facial expressions and all. I'm sure in time he will get used to his new role as big brother and maybe the thought that other babies might be coming his way again : )

barbie said...

so funny!