Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Losing It

Arrgh! I have to lose weight BADLY. I desperately need to shed off the holiday pounds so I could wear the clothes I excitedly bought (and received as gifts) before the celebrations began! The much coveted pairs of jeans I prayed for are finally in my possession -- and I can't wear a single one of them! It doesn't help that the super wonderful 7 For All Mankind pairs that were given to me are low-rise, slim fitting and in white and pastel shades! It's an absolute nightmare to look at (and get into!) when you've got thunder thighs and belly fat spilling out! Ugh...

But the question that has haunted every living female on this planet is now hanging over my head -- how do I lose it? Ok, fine, exercise is a given ('s simply too tiring!). So what else is left? I need to go on a diet. Because diets DO work for me, assuming I had a cook dedicated to just making these meals for me all day. Yeah, right.

The South Beach Diet worked when I patiently followed the meal plans for Phase 1 and cooked the meals according to the book's recipes. I lost tons of belly fat! Thing is, I can't cook for myself everyday, 3 times a day! I have to work and do other stuff, too! And because I am the only one on the diet, I usually end up with a lot of excess food that eventually gets spoiled. Ordering is definitely not an option. It's just way too expensive (you're right, the price of beauty is not cheap at all...). I've heard that the Atkin's Diet has been declared detrimental to people's health (and it doesn't help that Dr. Atkin died of a heart ailment!). So what else is there? What do I need to consider in choosing a diet? I want inch loss, I want weight loss, yet I want to be sure that what I eat and don't eat will not cause permanent organ damage, too! Is there such a thing? Is there a diet where I can eat anything I want and end up looking like Paris Hilton?

I need your help guys! Answer this poll and let me know what you think is the diet that worked best for you (assuming you did go on a diet. And if you haven't, you must be God's freak of nature!).

The results are viewable below, so you could check back in from time to time to see which was voted the most effective diet.

What is the most effective diet you've tried?
South Beach Diet
Atkins Diet
After 6 Diet
Blood Type Diet
Glycemic Index Diet
Macrobiotics Diet
3 Day Diet
I don't diet

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puremood said...

I voted, it wont helpy ou must tho. :( It didn't show results when I voted - just took me to a white page. I assume my vote took, not sure.

I was told one great tip about dieting is to eat well... don't skip meals and instead of eating 3 meals a day you should eat 5-6 small "meals" a day... Skipping meals is a bad thing to do.

Other than that, I don't know much. I've never been on a diet. I have some friends who do Weight Watchers. I had a friend who tried the South Beach and my brothers ex use to do that Atkins. I've never even heard of the others you listed...

Viamarie said...

Won't accept my vote ...just like puremood only a blank screen appeared with no results. Not familiar with the name I think the Diet Glycemic Index sounds similar to my diet which is low/no sugar diet. Was adviced by my doctor to follow this because I go into hypoglycemic attacks when I eat sweets & a large meal.

Here are some guidelines for choosing what food to eat each day: take at least 5 servings of fruits & vegetables and 6 to 11 servings of whole grain foods, keep fat intake to 30% or less, eat 6 to 8 ounces of meat, calcium-rich foods and drink at least 64 ounces of water.

Karen Rani said...

I'm not going to vote on any of those. I've done 4 things and it's working wonders:

1) Walk daily (even if I can only squeeze in 20 minutes, but 40 is better);

2) Eat more fruit, veggies and fibre - every 2 hours.

3) Daily water intake goal: 1 litre;

4) DO NOT eat after dinner - EVER!


Trinity13 said...

I used Dr Phil's method. It worked two years ago and I lost about 60 pounds. It's not a diet, but a lifestyle change. You should read up about it!

The White Rabbit said...

i voted! it took me to the poll page! i don't know if my vote went into the "25%" bar, though! hehe.

like i mentioned to you BW (before the wedding, hehe), the after 6 diet always worked wonders for me. and that was without exercise. imagine if you took in karen rani's advice and added walking to your daily diet! better results.

sometimes i would adjust it to after 7 (not beyond that!) if i happened to be really busy, but the idea is the same...the calories should be burning as you sleep! then break the fast and don't let your tummy stay rumbling in the morning. eat a decent morning meal. then just lessen the intake as the day progresses. eat small snacks in between your meals even. don't ever let your system "think" that you're hungry. hunger sents alarm signals to your brain. it will mobilize your body to process more carbohydrates to give you energy (the body is a clever thing, isn't it?).

and we don't want those sneaky carbs doubling up when you're not really going to need it for exercising, do we? knowing us, just sitting around in front of the computer all day, all those lovely, unburned carbs will POOF!...magically turn into fats. and more fats...hehe...

just some happy thoughts to help you learn to fly! haha.

have a good and healthy day!

Crazy MomCat said...

I have never fully committed to the South Beach, instead trying to eat no carbs at two meals a day. No success either. I am thinking of trying it in combination with Weight Watchers. I have diabetes and think I'm insulin resistant--and I have heard that it may be difficult to have quick success with Weight Watchers. I have done Weight Watchers before and lost 17 pounds. Had I continued to use what I had learned (it's more a lifestyle than eating specific foods), I would have kept it off.

I highly recommend it!

Carmi said...

I have a huge amount of respect for anyone with the courage to lose weight, tone up and change for the better.

I admire your tenacity in making this happen. I have no doubt that you'll succeed.

valbee said...

I lost 35 pounds with Weight Watchers and kept it off with very little maintenance for more than two years. Unfortunately, stress caused me to start smoking again soon after and then when I quit that... the weight came back. But I'm trying to get started on it again. I say "trying" because I haven't fully committed just yet.

I'm here by way of Michele, btw. :)