Saturday, January 07, 2006

His Name Was Charlie

Today is the death anniversary of my beloved grandfather, Charles McCann.

I would like to take this time to remember such a great, wonderful and loving man who I now believe is resting in the arms of our Lord in heaven.

There are not enough words (and not enough space) for me to pay tribute to my papa Charlie. He is just the kindest, most patient and loving man I've ever met, and it would be selfish if I didn't share just a bit of who he was with all of you. So instead, i am posting links to entries that refer to my papa in hopes that it forms a picture in your mind of who he was to me and my family.

Click to read about my papa:


bozette said...

Very nice.
You have been tagged by me.

Trinity13 said...

The death anniversary of my sweet mother in law is this month as well. And I know she is up in heaven as well!

Carmi said...

Thank you for sharing such a resonant tribute. He clearly lives on in you.

Radioactive Jam said...

He'd have reason to be proud of you; nicely done.

My wife and I have two grandsons. The older turned 8 today; he calls me 'papa.' I treasure every moment with him as I'm sure your papa did with you.

Thanks for sharing this.