Friday, December 30, 2005

Heard Any Bells Ringing Lately?

My post has nothing to do with sounds you hear a day after downing a bottle of Cuervo or any other alcoholic beverage you may have readied for the New Year's Eve celebration. It is also not related to my friend Jennie's recent blogpost (I realized that her wedding post is similarly titled! Just a coincidence, folks, hehe) And no, I am not going crazy and have not been hearing voices, or whispers, or any other audibles (although these past weeks' toxicity is enough to drive anyone insane!)

It has to do with a letter, or article if you would call it, my Auntie Minerva wrote one morning this Christmas out of impulse. To give you an idea of who my Auntie is, she's an 82-year old sweet, soft spoken and joyful woman who out of pure love and generosity just loves to give to others and finds pure joy in doing so. She has 10 children, all successful in their respective fields, and now lives with her youngest daughter's family blessed with everything and anything an old lady could ever need -- family, friends, good health and material comforts. I got the chance to visit her today to drop off some long-overdue Christmas presents, and in return was blessed with an outpouring of her love and affection through endless hugs and kisses. She shared with me this write-up, and in the process she gave me a piece of her heart. I would like to now share this with all of you, in hopes that it would bless you, inspire you, touch you, or maybe just to simply bring a smile to your face. We all need to be reminded time and time and again just what the spirit of the season is all about.


Do you have bells ringing for you in heaven? If you are not sure, start this year by doing something nice for a poor and needy family. If you do not strive to do good this year, you may never get a chance to do so. What is the reason for our existence on this earth? Just to live? Therefore, is it ok to be selfish, uncaring and deaf to the cries of those who are needy and near you?

We should have the unconditional love of God in our hearts. God is forever helping us with no strings attached. Do we ever stop to say "thank you"? Why is it that we only remember the Lord when we need something? Yes, at times people can be so ungrateful.

There was a time when I visited a friend. I saw her lying on the floor with a baby by her side. She was so haggard. Unfortunately, I only had P100 ($2), and I had to pay for the fare downtown. So what little money I had left, I bought a small can of milk which was about P20 ($.38) and P5 ($.09) worth of sugar. I talked to somebody who owned a small store and asked a favor to boil water so I can mix the two. When the milk was ready, I picked up my friend and held her in my arms. She drank the milk as if it were her first time to be fed! I told my mother about it and she said "child, don't you know that the bells in heaven are ringing for your good deed?". I was overflowing with joy for what my mother said! I promised then to let the bells in heaven ring for me a lot of times as long as I lived on this earth.

Now, I do have children who let the bells of heaven ring most of the time, and I do hope the bells would not be destroyed. I am so proud of all of them for they have understood the true meaning of "unconditional love". I owe this good trait to my parents, and I believe I have passed on this trait to my children, as they will hopefully pass it on to their children.

So let the bells of heaven be ringing for you also forever!

- Minerva Chavez


May the New Year be a year of giving, not just of material possessions, but of sharing one's self to be a blessing to others!



That was a nice one! Nice is less complimenting. I may say awesome but for this kind of deeds these words of praises and compliment is just not enough.
Yes it made me smile but of most of all it gave me a pinch in my heart. It just makes me remember a small quote by JOSEPH ADDISON which says: "A good conscience is to the soul what health is to the body; it preserves a constant ease and serenity within us, and more than that, it counteracts all the calamities and afflictions that can possibly befall us.

Deana said...

I will try to do "thank yous" often for all the blessings I have received. Thanks for a nice message. Happy New Year, visiting from Michele's.

Courtney said...

Happy New Year!
Michele sent me.

Angela said...

That's really nice! Here via Michele. Happy New Year!

Kat said...

That's a wonderful story. Your aunt sounds like an amazing woman.

Joe said...

very good post. And thought provoking as well.

Here via Michele.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Lovely Lovely and More Lovely! I think your Aunt Minerva is sooo right. If nothing else...(I mean if you don't happen to hear those bells ringing, STILL,) you know you've tried to reach out and help somone...You know that old spiritual..."If I can Help Somebody..." the last line is: "...than my living has not been in vain..."


Viamarie said...

Amazing write up. Did not know that Manang Minerva had the talent in writing. Have known her to be a good singer aside from being a very good mother, aunt, etc.

It is most fun when the other person we do random acts of kindness doesn't know who did it.

puremood said...

I have read some really wonderful posts today, including this one.

I hope you have a Happy blessed 2006!

Trinity13 said...

What a wonderful letter/article that your auntie wrote! It def makes a person think.

Btw, happy new year Chrixean!

JustSue said...

Just dropping by to wish you a happy new year. I have always been a "thank you" person - but they are especially more wonderful to receive. Simple acts of kindness are what we need more of in the world.

ribbiticus said...

your aunt is a great woman, peach! i'm sure she has touched (and will continue to touch) more lives with her generosity and kindness.

happy new year! :) said...

Happy New Year!
I am hoping to your your blog space!


Karen said...

What a great concept. I'm going to think of this as my year begins. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Michele sent me...