Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Warm (More Like Hot) Wishes This Holiday Season

I am pooped. I've been yawning every half a minute. December has been the most hectic month for me this year (and I don't mean involving just work). Starting a project a client recently signed on for me to do has never been this hard to begin, that I am now looking forward to New Year's eve celebrations.

But as promised, I'm posting photos of our
recent holiday vacation at the beach of Cebu's Maribago Bluewaters Resort in Mactan Island. For all those out there who are neck-deep in snow, sick and tired of seeing white, wet and cold fluff, and silently wishing to see the bright, yellow sunlight hit a clear blue sea... these are for you! :-)

Nicky and I waiting to be checked in at the resort's reception / front desk. I played around with Nicky's hair and made them all stand up. Heehee.

In front of our unit...

Having breakfast with my in-laws

View from the 2nd floor of the apartelle. The pool is right outside our door.

Allan on a jetski with niece Neobi

Nicky, enjoying the sun (and for the first time ever, actually enjoying the beach!)

Father and son in front of the Seven Dolphins fountain.

Posing at the beach...with no one around to laugh at us. Hehe.
T'was a great four days :-)


kenju said...

Is that ever a gorgeous place! That pool looks wonderful, and your son is such a doll. We don't have snow; in fact we are having a "warm" wave (temps in the 60's) but I sure would like to where in your photos!

Michele sent me.

bozette said...

Those are wonderful Pictures. I am one of them knee deep in SNOW OH NO. But we have been having some nice weather about 32 degrees. So some of it is melting.
You have a lovely family.
Happy blessed New Years to you and your Family

Jana said...

WOW! As I sit here in drab, rainy, cold Indiana, it seems slightly unfair that you are enjoying sunny beaches in a tropical climate! LOL

Anyway, nice blog! Glad I surfed by. :)

utenzi said...

Michele sent me to visit you and that lovely beach.

Those are great pictures, Chrixean. You're very pretty and have a lovely family. The island really looks wonderful. Now I want to go there too!

Thanks for posting your family pictures, Chrixean.

surcie said...

Sounds like fun! Your boy is a cutie.

Michele says hello!

JustSue said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation getaway...and I would certainly trade my snowy Canadian scenery for crystal blue waters and sandy beaches anyday!

Thank you for visiting and commenting. Glad I could return the compliment!

Will Powers said...

It does look so beautiful

ribbiticus said...

really nice photos, peach! seems like a relaxing and fun time was had by all. they make me yearn to go back to cebu, though. and maybe make a pitstop in bacolod to visit the relatives too...

Trinity13 said...

What wonderful, "hot" pics! Heehee!!! You're son is so adorable and the pool looks amazing!

bozette said...

Sorry if I offended you.
I got that from my sister in law.
My mother in law hated me.
I could do nothing right.
Just before she passed she was a sweety.

russelle said...

whew! just looking at the pictures is already relaxing! hmmm.. where are the pictures of you in a 2-piece swimsuit? = ) waiting.... hehehe

Kat said...

Wow! That sounds/ looks like an amazing trip. You have no idea how jealous I am right now