Friday, December 02, 2005

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa BCD!

I can't believe it's December....already! I'm not done with the work and errands i needed to finish in November! I still have so much to finish in terms of work, work, work... and wedding arrangements (Jennie's Dec 12 wedding date is just a week and so away!).

So forgive me again if I will miss some posts during the next few weeks (I will try my best to not miss a BCF post. TRY.). I am cramming three new project deadlines for different companies, as well as launching our new apparel line (vintage tees which we call Bubblewrap :-D).

Anyways, to get me into the Christmas spirit, i've decided to draw one of my son's favorite decor in the whole house -- our dancing Santa. This has to be the cutest thing we have here at home! By just pressing the tiny red button on his shoe, this miniature version of the jolly bearded fellow will do a boogie twist with his candy cane to the tune of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town". I decided to post all three versions of the Santa -- the BCD with color which i put in using Photoshop CS, the raw BCD where i tried to experiment with pen types and tried using a black felt marker pen (to get good solid lines), and lastly, the actual photo of the main man himself. Looking at the BCDs, i noticed that I drew two rows of streaked lines for the candy cane's striped-effect. I couldn't figure out why, though. Looking back, i probably thought i had forgotten to draw it in, and ended up with two sets of stripes.

Ho ho ho! Hop over to
Inkfinger to check out new blind contour drawings for the week!


ribbiticus said...

hey, peachy! great bcd yet again! :)

donna said...

lovely BC, very jolly :)
I always enjoy using marker pens for blind contouring, I think it tends to stop the lines being too tentative... And your lines look strong and confident. I like the two sets of candycane stripes!
Thanks for your comments on my bc. I shall consider Manila next time I venture out that way!