Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Merry Messy Christmas

I am so tired. I have absolutely exhausted the number of hours in my day, and I still have so much to do! To name a few:

1) I need to submit two CDs of Final Artworks to 2 clients today. Sent one over just now thru my staff. One more to go. Halfway through that.

2) I need to wrap my Christmas gifts. Have I told any of you before just how much I LOATHE wrapping presents? I really, really do. Really. Really.

3) I need to buy presents. Realized I can't wrap anything I don't have. Am still not done with shopping! Darn it. Was selling our newly launched shirts at the Christmas bazaar over the weekend, in between attending Christmas parties here and there, that buying gifts didn't seem like a priority. Till now. Shoot...

4) I need to DELIVER the dang gifts. Realized also that these things don't just mail themselves. Darn it.

5) Pack my bags. Here's the upside to it all. We will be leaving for Cebu to spend four days at the beach. YES. The beach. All the way till Christmas eve I will make sure that I shake off every bit of stress I had put on for the past two weeks and just enjoy lying on the sand and getting burned crisp (that is, if it doesn't rain..)

So whole of today (my flight is tomorrow), I still have to do all of the above. Why the heck am i still blogging? Need to vent, that's why. So sue me!

I'm outta here!



You better do it fast. Hah!hah!hah!
otherwise when you come back from Cebu the stress you release there will be back when you come home to Manila and that will be hours before Christmas Eve. Imagine!

jane said...

This sounds like a break you really could use right now. I used to like decorating my own gift wrap, but now, I dread wrapping them.
Have a wonderful trip & be sure to wear sunscreen!

The Complimenting Commenter said...

That sounds like quite a bit to do. I hope everything gets checked off and you enjoy the trip. Cool post and I do enjoy the blog.

Trinity13 said...

Have a wonderful trip!!!

Btw, I to have yet to start wrapping! I need to get busy!

Prego said...

Cebu? Nice. It's always nice to hear somebody's enjoying a vacation somewhere the general pubic may not have heard about.


hee via Michele, today.

jane said...

Hi Chrixean,
I just wanted to stop by & thank you for being a gracious landlord. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year's.