Monday, May 01, 2006

Daddy's Girl

It's my daddy's birthday today! :-)

I'm dedicating this post to a wonderfully sweet, loving and caring man who has helped me hone my creative talents (my daddy is an exceptional artist in his own right!) and who has encouraged me all through the years to build my strengths on my interests and my love for the arts. Today daddy still paints and his artworks hang framed proudly on our walls. I'm so proud of all his talents and accomplishments!

I love you, daddy! Thank you for taking care of me and for loving me all these years.... :-)

I dedicate this song to my daddy today. I hope you like it.

Sing Me Your Song Again Daddy

Sing me your song again, daddy
Sing me a happy verse
Teach me those clever rhymes you sang
As you carried me on your shoulders
Sing me that hymn that you so loudly
Sang in church with mom
Sing it again to me and fill me
With all your words of wisdom

Comforting words of love when I
Would get home from school in tears
Somehow your songs have stayed within me
Down through all the years
Once when my younger heart was broken
Your shoulder was there to cry on
Sing me those songs I know will linger
Long after you have gone

I am standing at the threshold
Of a chapter in my life
I am asking for your blessing
As I'm about to be the wife
Of a man I know who loves me
And I'm proud to be his bride
Dad, the time has come for me to leave your side

So, sing me your song again, daddy
Sing me a lullabye
Wrap me inside your arms, daddy
Though this is not goodbye
Your songs will live forever
In my heart when times get rough
The ones I'll most remember
Are your songs of love

The ones I'll most remember
Are your songs of love

- Composed by Jose Mari Chan


Barbara said...

That's just beautiful Chrixean!


Very touching and sweet.

Meow said...

What a beautiful birthday tribute to your dad. I hope he has a wonderful birthday.
Take care, Meow

Trinity13 said...

Happy birthday to your daddy!!!

Viamarie said...

Cheers to a wonderful guy!

Petite Queen said...

Hepy Burfday to ur daddy!!!!

The White Rabbit said...


Hope to see more of your artworks on display!

Have a great day and Godbless!