Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Same Name Game

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Somehow I am having more difficulty thinking up names for a baby girl than when I was making my list for my son Nicky. I guess a major reason I can think of right now is that the nickname Nicky was already chosen way ahead of time, regardless of whether the baby turned out to be a boy or girl. The full name was to be Dominique Victoria if it was a girl, and Nicholas Keith if it came out to be a boy. Well, the result was the latter and so he was awarded the nickname Nicky. This time I could no longer use the named Dominique Victoria for two reasons:
1) With Dominique I would really want her name to be Nikki too, which would really upset my son. So forget it.
2) My soon-to-be nephew (my cousin's wife is pregnant also) is a boy and they've decided to call him Dominic. Victoria could have stayed... but it just seemed to work perfectly in our minds with Dominique that we decided to just scrap it altogether (my, my, aren't we the difficult couple?)
So, I had to come up with a whole new loooooong list of name possibilities (with their origins and meanings taken into very careful consideration). Right now I am down to 2 name combinations (hopefully these are the last to chose from). Allan and I like both, actually. I still couldn't decide which would sound nice together so I was hoping you guys could give me your thoughts about the names, and maybe help me decide which to finally go with (maybe meaning I will consider your choice, but no commitments that I will actually go with it, hehe).

Keira - Origin: Celtic Meaning: Dark-haired
Caitlyn - Origin: Celtic Meaning: Pure beauty
Kirsten - Origin: Greek / Old English Meaning: Holy / The annointed one
Soleil - Origin: French Meaning: Sun

What name combination do you like best for my baby?

Keira Caitlyn
Kirsten Soleil

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I already voted and I did for #1.

Viamarie said...

Chose # 2

Trinity13 said...

I also chose #1...I love it!

ribbiticus said...

my niece's name is soleil so i obviously voted for the second name. they're both lovely and feminine, though. :)

AnneMac said...

Funny, I just blogged about having a baby and here you are all caught up in thinking of names for one! Sometimes, I'm afraid, that by the time I have my own, I'll run out of names already! :P

Anyway, I love the name Keira, but I voted for the other choice -- it just sounds right :)

Ah, the joys (and stress, hehe) of naming a baby.

Meow said...

Sorry to be different, but I actually like Keira Soleil !! It flows nicely. However, I voted number 2.
good luck.
Take care, Meow

The White Rabbit said...

Voted for...well, you guess. :-D

Keira - Origin: Pirates of the Caribbean: Celtic Meaning: Beautiful square-jawed actress
Caitlyn - Origin: Ninang J: Celtic Meaning: Perfect Choice for a baby girl's name
Kirsten - Origin: Ninang J: Old English Meaning: Square-jawed actress who looks like Mommy
Soleil - Origin: Punky Brewster: French Meaning: Precedes Moon-Fry

eph2810 said...

Well girl. Both are just beautiful, but I opted for Kirten Soleil. I totally looked at the meaning you provided.
I am looking forward to 'hear' what your choice will be.
Actully I am here to pick-up my TT header. Yeah, I'll be posting (finally) again. I am in a dry spell on my Christian blog - sorry.

Gabrielle said...

I posted angel names on my Thursday Thirteen today and actually I thought the new Thankful Thursday is up :) I like Keira, I like Soleil - but Kirsten has the best meaning of all :)

My TT is up in case I can't get on-line again later :)

Happy Ascension Day!

joy said...

hi sis, voted for #1. just love it!!

Terri said...

There are already SO many Kirstens and Kristens in the world...go with Keira! Although I agree with meow...Keira Soleil is MY pick! ;)