Saturday, May 06, 2006

Late Breakfast: A Blind Contour

So sorry for this late BCF post. I was tied down to a magazine layout I needed to submit to my client yesterday that there was absolutely no time for me to scan and upload the drawing. *Sigh*

Excuses aside, I am posting my VERY LATE Blind Contour Drawing for May which is based on this month's theme -- BREAKFAST.

I haven't been able to have a decent breakfast meal these past days due to my late hours of working. Probably not a good move for a pregnant woman, but I'd much rather miss out on a full breakfast rather than my much needed hours of sleep. For this BCD I made sure I had a tall glass of iced cold Skim Milk. I actually had rice porridge before this, but decided that there really wasn't anything exciting to draw with a white bowl and wet white rice.

To the uninformed: BLIND CONTOUR FIRST FRIDAYS, are basically a series of fun drawing activities participated in by several illustrators, which require members to post blind contour illustrations on a monthly basis. In this case, it's the first friday of the month. How exactly is it done? Participants all draw "blindly" by focusing our attention entirely on the subject being drawn holding a pen and a pad but WITHOUT LOOKING at our sketchpads (ok, we cheat from time to time...but we can't help it!). BCFFs are hosted by Niff and Sutter of Inkfinger.

To see more exciting BCDs for "Breakfast", please visit Inkfinger. Really cool drawings here! :-)


Guys, please don't forget to visit my tenant Yulia! Her blog is one that you wouldn't want to miss! Don't believe me? Read more about her here, then go over to my right sidebar and click on her blog thumbnail!


Viamarie said...

Excellent drawing despite it being done blindly.

Will go visit Yulia now.


Wish could also draw.

David E. Patton said...

I like coming across your site. I had a good read.

Barbara said...

Nice job, wish I could do as well while looking at the sketchpad.

mar said...

Wow, can't draw even though I have brand new glasses! excellent job!

Rachael said...

Really nice! Thanks for letting me know that you posted one- I checked on Friday:) Love the colors.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Cool idea! I can't believe you drew that "blind!" Very nice!