Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thankful Thursday 15

Thankful Thursday: What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

  • The Lord's provisions for me and my family. He gave us the money we needed to enroll Nicky, to buy his school books, his supplies and his clothes for school. And He gave us extra for me to add a few more pieces to my maternity wardrobe! Whoopee! Thanks, Papa God!
  • New projects for the company for the next 3 months, and more work coming our way (yes, we've declared it!).
  • A great gift from my dear friend Ribbiticus! We didn't have the chance to meet up last Christmas so I just received her gift today. And what a great gift it was! I got 2 Beatles documentaries in DVD to add to my Beatles collection. Really, really cool! :-)
  • Shopping day-offs with The White Rabbit. I really needed this week to just do what I had to do for my personal needs (and rest), because the next few weeks were surely going to be busy for me. It's the time of the year again where our company will need to lay-out an entire magazine for one of our regular clients, and based on how the past issue went, I'm looking at weeks of late nights and long days. I'm also thankful for the really lovely top she gave me (i look quite sexy in it, Jen!, LOL). It's perfect for meetings in the day time and dinner outs. Of course, it's perfect while it can still fit me, hehe. But at least it's still something I could wear even after I give birth. Thanks a million, Jen! :-)
  • An exciting 3-day weekend to relax and enjoy with our family. May 1 is Labor Day in our country, which will fall on a Monday. Meaning no work for everyone! Allan and I plan to spend 2 days checked-in at our favorite hotel for some R&R together (in preparation for the gruelling work week ahead), then on Sunday we will be off to a resort with my family and my in-laws for some sun and swimming! Then Monday we will celebrate my dad's birthday and just spend the whole day enjoying the day off. Aaaahh... such grand plans :-)

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Trinity13 said...

God is good...God is good!!!
All the time...all the time!!!

Tasha said...

Wow. YOu have alot to be thankful for this week. I only had one thing. LOL. Hope I didn't offend anyone.

The White Rabbit said...

im sure you just forgot to mention what a grand time you had in White Rabbit's spectacular company today....hehe. had fun, too! and glad the blouse fits! and sorry about the late delivery of Ribbiticus' gifts... ;-P

Viamarie said...

Praise God for all those wondrous blessings.

Enjoy your long weekend!


It's good you have the time to go on an outing. Need a break anyway, the both of you.
Nice list. Many things to be thankful for.

Barbara said...

Hope you enjoy the extra long weekend.

I didn't do Thankful Thursday and I accidentallly filled in the Mr. Linky link. I'm just so accustomed to filling it in. Sorry, my bad!

Annette Burkett said...

My Thankful Thursday is finally up...sorry it's so late! You've encouraged me with declaring that you have more work coming...why didn't I think of doing that?? Well, I'm starting now and praying in agreement with you!

Carol said...

Sounds like a great long weekend. Enjoy!

texasblu said...

i love your list of things... i didn't think of doing it that way. :) congrats on making it to the 2nd trimester - the best time of pregnancy in my book!

I did a be-lated thankful thursday. we were gone all day yesterday with my mother-in-law, and so i forgot to even log on to the computer! *blush*

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

My wife is at 17th week, too! due Oct. 5th

Tania said...

This is my first Thankful Thursday through your group! Thank you for putting this together!