Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thankful Thursday 14

Thankful Thursday: What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

I am thankful for the Lord's provisions for my family, especially because I was able to enroll Nicky into his "big school" where he will be starting 1st Grade.

Same month last year, I was clueless where I would be transferring Nicky to and how I would be able to afford paying his tuition. Allan, Nicky and I prayed EVERY SINGLE DAY for the Lord to lead us to the school He wanted us to send Nicky to, and for Him to provide us the means to afford wherever it was He wanted Nicky to go. As it turns out, God led us to my old alma mater, San Beda Alabang. The benefits of this decision? -- 1) The tuition was not as "shockingly expensive" as I thought it might be. God made sure we had more than the amount we needed to pay for it. 2) My old prep school teacher who loved me growing up as a child, is the new Grade School Principal! 3) The school is just 15 minutes away from the house. 4) Nicky loves the new school and is excited to start :-)

Praise God for his faithfulness and for his provisions! To Him be all the glory.

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Trinity13 said...

Congrats to finding the perfect school for your son!!! Very cool!

Nic said...

Wonderful! Good schools seem to be harder and harder to find these days so I know exactly where you're coming from.

eph2810 said...

What great blessing to have Nicky in the school of your choice. God is good - all the time.
How are you doing with your pregnancy? I hope you are doing well.:)

texasblu said...

Prayer really DOES work. :)


Decided not to join TTh today as I really was pissed with my internet server which had really inconvenienced me for almost 2 weeks. Anyway, maybe next week.

Viamarie said...

God Bless You Always!

Suzy said...

Wonderful to read of God's blessings to you! God is so good to us, and I'm seeing more and more of His mercy and grace each day!

Wishing your son the best learning experience in his new 'big school'!