Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thankful Thursday 33

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What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

For friends who have expressed their love for me and my baby!

I was thrown two separate baby shower parties by my friends from my highschool and my friends in our Christian community. They were all truly pleasant surprises and I enjoyed their company, the food (of course, hehe) and the fun games they prepared. The first party's theme was an "all-pink" party. Unfortunately, it was a surprise party and I wasn't informed of the color theme. But it was a really lovely set-up with all things pink -- from the wall decors, to the mini-scrapbook and the pink baby gifts. The second party had the "baby scrapbooking" theme, where each couple gave gifts that had to do with completing Keira's scrapbook. It was a great idea since I had already began to layout the initial pages. The assorted gifts I received -- scrapbook baby accessories and pastel colored papers, greeting cards and prayer notes, as well as actual scrapbook pages already laid out ready for photo collaging -- were perfect for me to complete my personalized baby book for Keira!

Here are the pics from the two parties:

The Pink Party:

Expectant mommy and daddy

With my two best buds, Jennie G and Ging.

Winners of the baby shower games show off their prizes :)

Great gifts! Mom Ging and daughter Andee

Noy and I strike a pose.

The pink ladies and their kids.

Baby Scrapbooking Party:

A pink rose amongst the thorns :-)

Sexy sisses all in a row

I love the pastel colored decor, especially the hanging pieces!

It's so cutie! I want one for me too!

Cute scrapbook accessories to add to my pages!

A game favorite - guess my waistline size!

To all my friends who made these parties happen, especially to my hubby who coordinated the schedules and the arrangements in secret, thank you so much! Keira and I feel extremely loved by all of you! Kisses from mommy and baby... mwah! mwah!

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Trinity13 said...

How sweet of your friends! And what a great idea...a scrapbook baby shower! I love it!!!

Btw, I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers as you are nearing the end!


You are a lucky mother. You have such great friends. BTW, you look pretty in the pictures.
Thanks for stopping by.

eph2810 said...

Looks like you had a grant time. I love it when people throw surprise parties like this.
You are looking awesome, girl. I am looking forward when you are posting the first baby pictures :)...
Be blessed today and always.

Beckie said...

Great fun! Our daughter is expecting a girl in December. I'm gonna be a Granny ~ can hardly wait.

BTW...I've decided not to participate in ThT. It's not that I'm not thankful for anything because believe me I am but I'm not always able to post on Thursdays and I've missed a lot lately. Thanks for hosting it.

Looney Mom said...

Oh what fun! And you look so happy. I love surprise parties. I had a surpise baby shower with my last one and it was so nice. The scrapbooking one was a great idea.

Viamarie said...

Yes, you and Keira are truly loved by everyone. All of you look lovely.

Sorry but I wasn't able to post anything for TTh this week. Can't seem to find time to blog yet. Have a lot of catching up to do with work because I missed a lot while I was assisting my sis-in-law until she finally joined her creator.

SmellMyKnee said...

Congrats! Hey you have a girl and Kafer will have a boy! How fun one of each for my two friends!

Suzy said...

What a great blessing! I love babies and baby showers are the BEST aren't they?

Wishing you well!