Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sucks to be sick

My body finally gave out. Never realized how dependent I had become to my multivitamins to keep my body strong and resistent to illnesses. For the last 8 months I had never gotten the cold virus nor the cough. I missed just 2 days of drinking my multivitamins (because we ran out and forgot to buy some), and now I'm down under the weather. I can't breathe, my throat is sore, my eyes are swollen and my sinuses are throbbing. It really sucks.

Just thought I'd gripe about it....


Viamarie said...

You'll need to slow down a bit especially at this stage when baby is due in just a month's time.

Take Care! Love you.


Carol said...

It does suck!

Rest and rest some more.

Would you consider blogging resting? I just wanted to let you know that the Blog Anniversary Party for the FFMB will be on FRIDAY August 18th and not Saturday.

Put your feet up...