Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mood Swing

Your Mood Ring is Light Blue

Emotions mixed

I've been feeling out of sorts lately. I feel a little better this morning, but I generally feel tired. It has been a long and emotional past few weeks for me and I think it's taken its toll on my body and my emotions. The stress of work (had to finish layout of an entire magazine for a client in between preparing layout concepts for an anniversary book for another client) and the emotional and physical stress of losing a dear aunt to leukemia has affected my mood and my body. I experienced really strong contractions and hyperactive movements from the baby since Saturday evening after my aunt's cremation, which prompted my OB-GYNE to make me stay in bed till Monday morning. The rest (coupled with my Duvadilan medication) helped a lot, and my contractions have somewhat subsided and allowed me to get better sleep. I am hoping for more time off in between my working days (i know, I have to make this time off happen!) when I get my new graphic designer (my previous designer resigned!). For now, I just take in what I can and try not to worry too much about deadlines and trying to be everything to everyone.

I'm currently dreaming of.....
A foot spa at Tips N' Toes
An overnight stay at a hotel -- just to sleep and eat and sleep some more
A shopping spree for the baby (I still lack a lot of baby girl stuff)
Hair color treatment (I look dreadful....)
Food tripping (what the heck, it's just a few more weeks...)



Whose emotional mood isn't affected by such event which does not really happen everyday. Hope you feel better and up and again.

Meow said...

Hope you are feeling better. Emotions can play havoc on the body's well-being, and that of the baby, so please take care.
All the best, Meow