Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Preggy Postings 2

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WARNING: This weekly post is meant only for readers who are actually interested to read about what goes on during my pregnancy. If you are yawning right at this point of my post, I suggest you come back tomorrow when my hormones have settled.

Ok, it's week 9, folks! My belly has somewhat grown in just a week's time. It's definitely "showing" now, and if I don't try to dress myself well, people might mistake it as my beer gut! I "feel" really fat. Of course, my hubby and some kind friends of mine have said otherwise. Bottom line is, I feel big.

For the longest time I've been trying to achieve a slim and slender figure. But I guess it's pretty stupid to started thinking along those lines NOW that I'm pregnant. I must start accepting to myself that i am not one of those gifted girls out there who, when pregnant, don't seem to increase in size anywhere else other than their bellies. They manage to stay thin all over, and yet their tummies just seem to keep pushing outward! Amazing! I, on the otherhand, increase slightly proportionally in all areas. Blame it on genes? Or the fact that I have a thyroid disorder, and getting pregnant is definitely not a way to be kind to my hormones (I was found to have three thyroid cysts in my neck 7 years ago. They're still there, probably asleep inside me.).

I promised myself I'd try to eat healthier this time around. Since rice is a staple food here, I decided early on that I will eat only brown rice so that I can lessen the effects of sugar that comes from white rice, and get better nutrients from it. Well, thanks to my afternoon-till-evening-till-early-morning-sickness, the sight of brown rice now sends my tummy into a spin. So that's off the list. Since i don't eat fruits (ok, you can close your dangling mouth now and stop yourself from hurling curses at me..), I've been drinking a lot of smoothies and fresh fruit shakes. I've tried taking the ones my dad's been making me, but the pulp bits that get into my mouth make me want to gag. I know, these are good for me. But I'd rather enjoy my first three months, rather than struggle to survive it!

I also went on another shopping spree yesterday, this time for underwear. My current brassieres (ok, men, time to bloghop!) are killing me! The underwires have been digging into my ribcage these past days, and much as I'd like to keep the "pushed-up" look, comfort is still foremost in my list of fashion essentials.

Lastly, I'm a bit upset that my skin is breaking out. I was lucky in my first pregnancy to have a clear and acne-free complexion. This time, I'm growing zits left and right, and it's absolutely grossing me out. So if any of you would know of a remedy (which doesn't require me to eat gross food), just let me know will you?

That's it for now. Come back tomorrow and watch how I magically turn my whinings on a Wednesday into Thankful Thursdays! :P


eph2810 said...

You are too funny. I think those are really cute thoughts on pregnancy. It is amazing to me how much the body changes during that time.
Believe or not, but I can't eat chocolate without breaking out (chocolate of the list for me now *sad*).
I just bought a great facial cleanser from Noxema though - *Citrus*...Used a couple of times and skin is getting great (considering my age - I should not have problems with my skin - lol).
See you tomorrow at Thankful Thursdays :))

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well, my wife is 9 weeks pregnant with our 4th (surprised!) child. I had here come in and read this -- she laughed and said she can completely understand --- looking forward to seeing more!

Petite Queen said...

Jes wanna drop sum breaking out prob tips fer u.I had a huge prob wit zits wen i started wrk last yr.then i tried using Loreal Pure Zone range.oso took Ling zhi tables wic helped to clear da blood n all the toxic in ur body n im proud 2 say my face is so so so much betta nw.Ling zhi is da mushroom sure u can get it taking GanoExcel,a tablet product made in malaysia.U can get ling zhi products in table or even drinks such as cofee or choc.wic eva u prefer.if ther r any more remedies,ill post it soon k!

PresentStorm said...

I hate underwire ...I am a large chested woman and I can't do the underwire thing. There are stores that sell bras for larger breasts that do not have underwire and still keep them pushed up ..They even have sexy ones :) Lane Bryant is one of them and The Avenue is another.

Anonymous said...

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