Sunday, March 26, 2006

May I Pick Your Brain?

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I need to pick your brain for a few minutes.

I'm doing a project for a new client which has to do with emergency rescue operations, and I need to get a survey of what people's perceptions are to certain visual images related to said topic.

Will you help answer just three questions for me?
In an emergency situation (e.g. car accident, chest pains in the middle of a mall, drowning in a pool), what COLOR do you want to see to make you feel calm, reassured and safe? (e.g. on an ambulance? on a paramedic or rescue

What single-word object, symbol or image comes to mind when you think of rescue and safety? Why?

Please state your nationality and what age bracket you fall in -- teens? 20s-30s? 30s-40s? 40s-50s? 50 and above?
That's all the information I need! The feedback I will be getting from different people, different age groups and diverse cultures about their views on rescue and safety will definitely contributea great deal to my research on this topic.

To all those who will be leaving their answers, thanks so much in advance! It'll be Monday again here soon, so have a great week ahead! :-D



Question #1: Sky blue.
Question #2: The sign you find in an ambulance. Why? because you know you'll be brought to a hospital and will be out of any predicament I am in at that moment.
Question #3: 50 and above

Diane B said...

#1 white
#2 a red cross sign like you see on an ambulance
#3 50 and above

Annette Burkett said...

#1 blue
#2 same as Friday's child
#3 30's - 40's

Petite Queen said... blue
2.Cresent sign or plus sign.(hospital logo)
3.20 n above

u l a n said...

green; a hand.

ribbiticus said...

1. sky blue/baby blue
2. outstretched hand (the red cross seems so common)
3. 30s
hope this helps, peach! :)

Trinity13 said...

1. Blue is a nice calming color for me, but I know that when I see red, that help is coming.
2. Cross
3. Late 20's

Meow said...

Question 1 ... blue, for me too !
Question 2 ... a red cross works for me !
Question 3 ... 40 to 45

dustandbreath said...

#1: I like deep browns and reds, wood tones like a cozy library. Quiet, relaxed, secure, comforting. Blue is my favorite color, but doesn't work as well on walls for me, especially sky blue. I think clinical, 70's.
#2: red cross, ambulance, helicopter. That is what you see on TV's and movies when "rescue" is the theme. Maybe a ladder.
#3. American Caucasian male, 41.

Came across this sight somehow. Think I was searching "red sea rules". Cool site. All the best with your pregnancy and being creative and having committed marriage.

(moved to michigan with family from Miami. am a husband, father, child of God.)