Friday, March 17, 2006

Just CRAPtastic!

I feel like C-R-A-P.

I have no apologies for it because I do. I feel so damn sick.

My head feels like a fat woman just sat on it.

My forehead is pounding so hard, it's making my teeth hurt.

I want to stick my head down the toilet and flush it...and flush it...and flush it.

I can't breathe. I have "morning" sickness AND allergic rhinitis happening at the same time. And because of this, I sleep on my bed SITTING DOWN.

Acid has been running up and down my throat every 5 minutes.

I bet real crap feels much better getting flushed down than what I'm feeling.

So I won't pretend that I feel nice and cheerful because I am not.

And I don't want to hear anything about it being "normal" as being part of pregnancy
because I know that and I'm not stupid.

And I don't expect people to understand that I can't feel like dying AND think about being nice and not hurting their feelings at the same time.

I will not pretend to NOT feel like a bitch, because I do.

If you think I am, then tough luck. I'm the one feeling bad.

This too shall end. Tomorrow will probably be better, and you guys won't have to bear reading more posts like this.
If you don't have anything nice to say about this, I suggest you hold back from pressing the comments button. This is my blog so I will say what I feel.

But for now, this is me. This is how I feel.

And I'm having one helluvah CRAPTASTIC time.


Chaotic Mom said...

Hey, I don't think you're being a bitch, just honest. I've had three boys, and never really "liked" the "joys of pregnancy". Won't go through it again, either.

Hope you feel better soon.

Nice blog, otherwise, especially the graphics. Just found it through CHBM.

bozette said...

Hun it will soon get better.
Welcome back to mt place.
I will do a welcome post tomorrow evening.

Barbara said...

I hope things are better tomorrow.

eph2810 said...

Well, I am sorry that you feel that way. I wish I could change that.:)

Andie D. said...

I too felt like crap through much of both of my pregnacies.

I would get highly irritated when I would run into one of the "lucky few" who just looooooooooooved every minute of being pregnant, and simply COULDN'T understand why I didn't.

Seriously, I may have loved being pregnant a few times in my 2nd trimester. AND THAT'S IT!

You have a right to feel the way you do because pregancy can be ROUGH! ;)

AnneMac said...


It's stories like this that scares me sh*t to get pregnant.

Hope you feel better now :)

The White Rabbit said...

Awww...the perfect post to come after a Thankful Thursday...hehehehe....i love you, Peach! I know you'll forgive me anything. Even when you're sungit. Hehe. Great party yesterday, by the way! Happy Birthday again, Nicky!

Meow said...

Hope you start feeling better soon. Pregnancy can be a real Sh**, can't it ... but what an end result !!!
Take care, meow

Carol said...

You are doing a good job of being true to who you are right now. It seems like everybody understands so go for it if you feel you need more airtime.

Tyra said...

I hope you're feeling better today! I have to admit, I was not one of those women who enjoyed pregnancy, I always felt so much better after I'd given birth!

I had problems with acid reflux/heartburn with my last pregnancy. I found chewing mint gum and eating very small meals every 3 hours really helped.

Take care!

Trinity13 said...

You are not alone girl!! I have been sick all weekend. I feel better when I eat, but who wants to eat when you're feeling sick?! But this too shall pass! I am soooo looking forward to the second trimester!!!

Petite Queen said...

hEy tHeR!Hope ur feeling betta now.take a chill pill!take lotsa rest n try to things u cant wait to do fer ur sure it wil perk up ur day!..:)Hugz..