Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Renting my stable this week is a woman who also happens to be my bloglord! Well, I'll be.. so does this mean we swapped homes for the week? Because if I'm living in her space for a week, and she's staying at my stables for a week.... and one plus one equals two.... and... oh well, never mind. Let's just all welcome Annette Burkett of Show Them Through Me! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!

Annette is a work-at-home Mom who is a publisher in the graphics / commercial arts industry (we'd make a perfect creative team), and she has two girls -- ages 12 and 15. She's been married to her hubby for 5 years, and they have 2 dogs, Hansel and Schatz -- both Malteses. Her blog is a predominantly Christian blog which I find really inspiring to read. She also happens to be one of our weekly participants in Thankful Thursdays (she just recently joined last week, so visit her blog even after the week's rent to read more about her thankfuls).

Give Annette's blog a click and see just what a great site she has. C'mon, you all know the drill! Just trot on over to my right side bar over there, click it, and leave a comment telling her that Chrixean whispered her name to you. :-)

See you all tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!



She's listed under my link. Great blog anyway.

Viamarie said...

Done. Btw, I'm also a purpose driven wife, I'd like to have that banner up on my template. I'd like to know where you got it? Can I also put one on mine?

Beckie said...

Good morning! It's Thursday. My Thankfuls are up.

Tasha said...

I'm going...I'm going. LOL