Monday, February 27, 2006

Mish Mash Potatoes

Nothing specific for today except that i have a few errands I need to do in the blogging world, before I go back to reality and do actual work.

Mish Mash #1

I've been tagged for yet another meme by Viamarie of Nightingale. I have to list my fantastic fours to the questions listed below. So to start of my Monday morning (my most favorite day of the week...*eyes rolling*), here are my answers:

4 things that I need every morning:

Prayer time
Bible reading and reflection
Check my text messages
Eat breakfast

4 Things that turn me off:
Dirty bathrooms (particularly bathrooms with wet floors)
Salesladies who come up to me at a store and tell me that it's ok for me to fit their clothes (duh..)
Ugly shoes
Ugly feet (eeewwww...)

4 things I believe in:
God is the beginning and end
Jesus is the Lord and Savior, and that he died for our sins
There is a heaven after this life
Satan is real and he is our enemy in this lifetime

4 Things I am afraid of:
Losing people I love
Dying unprepared
Embarassing myself in front of people

4 Things I do every day:
Blog / check email
Play with my son
Spend time with my hubby

4 things I want to have/do:
A healthy baby
A secure financial future for my family
Good health for my whole family
Time to travel and to relax

4 people I want to see / meet:
My grandpa Charlie
Paul McCartney
Brad Pitt

4 numbers that rule my life (all even)
*I have no answers for this one. I don't allow any number rule my life because I think it's just foolish.

4 favorite colors

4 People to do the list
I'm tagging the first 4 commenters of this post! :P

Mish Mash #2

The Blog Olympics Training Camp #2 starts this March 1 already! As usual, I missed Training Camp #1 (because I didn't have the chance to bloghop those days), but I'm looking forward to this coming camp's activities. I do hope my being pregnant will not disqualify me from doing some of the games (i'm hoping they won't be too strenuous...:)) If you want to participate in the Blog Olympics Training Camp, put on your training shoes, trot on over to Barbara's and be there at exactly 10:00pm EST.

Mish Mash #3

Just a note for all the bloggers who want to join Thankful Thursday -- please leave a comment and tell me that you're sure to join Thankful Thursday (hopefully, on a weekly basis), so that I can add you to my TTh blogroll. For those who used to do TTh but no longer want to, let me know if you plan to drop out so I could update the current blogroll.



Yes I'm sure to join. Will start this Thursday already and FFMB will join the march this Friday.
BTW, about the links of TTh, do I put the same links as listed in yours or do I just put links who joins on my site?

Trinity13 said...

Great answers! I've got mine up as well.

Petite Queen said...

Am logging for mashed potatoes now!

Shelli said...

You picked up the Thankful Thursday torch? Congrats. I am the Monday Memories successor. I have never done the Thankful Thursday because I have always done the Thursday Thirteen.

Anyway, I came here today because Wendy directed me.

mar said...

Love reading other people's memes! I thought Chartreuse was a drink, lol! Wendy directed me your way today. Have a nice one!

LadyBugCrossing said...

WendyWings sent me!
Love your blog! I'll be back to visit frequently. Congrats on the "bun in the oven"!

Barbara said...

Trying to Catch Up: Training Camp #2 is Almost Here! It's a Double-header! First event at 6:00 AM EST on March 1.