Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thankful Thursday 3

Thankful Thurday: What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

1. I am thankful to my Lord God, for blessing Allan, Nicky and I with the good news that we will be having a new addition to our family :-D

2. I am thankful for EVERYONE (and you know who you are!) who sent me their well-wishes (and still are!) upon reading my announcement --> post and comments may be viewed here.

3. I am thankful for all the new projects that has come into My Left Hand -- i can be assured of busy days ahead to keep me occupied for the next nine months!

4. I am thankful for the fact that I have still not experienced "morning sickness" or any form of nausea. Apart from mild stomach cramps and hunger pangs in weird hours of the day, I think I am still blessed in so many ways :-)

5. I am thankful for the love and pampering I have been receiving from my loving hubby. In my weepy, whiny and "hormonal" moments, he is ready and willing to do anything just to make me smile.

6. I am thankful for airconditioning! Pregnant women, you know what I mean!

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While there's life, there's a meme... and this is Bozette's second time to tag me! I am not one to say no to a tag, so here are my "interesting" THREE's:

3 Names You Answer To
1. Peach
2. Mommy
3. Hon

3 Parts of Your Heritage
1. British
2. Japanese
3. Filipino

3 Things That Scare You
1. Spiders
2. Failure
3. Leaving this world unprepared

3 Everyday Essentials
1. Hugs, kisses and I Love You's from hubby and Nicky
2. Text on my cellphone
3. Use the internet

3 Things You’re Wearing
1. Blue shorts
2. Tank top
3. Brown Havaianas flipflops

3 Favorite Songs (I am choosing my favorite listens today-- for people who have been following my blog, you know why the top two are my choices now that I'm preggy :-D)
1. Just Feel Better - Santana featuring Steven Tyler
2. Pretty Vegas - INXS
3. When I'm Good and Ready - Sybil

3 Things About the Opposite Sex that Appeals to You
1. Wit
2. Humor
3. Thoughtfulness

3 Things You Want in a Relationship
1. Patience
2. Friendship
3. Honesty

3 Favorite Hobbies
1. Design
2. Read
3. Shop

3 Things to Do Before You Die
1. Tour the world
2. Bring all the people I love to know the Lord more intimately
3. Make sure Nicky (and baby) have a great future ahead

3 Ways You’re Stereotypically Female
1. I wear a bra
2. I whine and vent a lot
3. I get pregnant!

2 Truths & 1 Lie (in no particular order -- I think I'd like you to guess which is the lie in the list! If you know the answer, leave a comment!)
1. I adored Leif Garrett when I was 4 years old
2. I was kidnapped when I was 9 years old
3. I love papayas and mangos

I'm really supposed to be tagging 3 people again, but I'm not in the mood to do that now (must be the hormones!). So if you feel like tagging yourself, then you're it! :-)


Tyra said...

Great list! Maybe you could help me get the code straight sometime so I can use it on my blog.

Congrats on your big news!

Running2Ks said...

Memes and thankfuls and all that jazz wrapped up into one!

Tyra, if you need help with the code, let me know :) kbmailbox1-blog AT

eph2810 said...

Oi - I enjoyed your Thankful Thursdays. I have seen a lot of 13 Thirsdays around, but not Thankful one. I will have to get the code for that and participate next Thursday. :)

eph2810 said...

Yikes - sorry, mispelled Thursday...sorry :(

Trinity13 said...

I'm going crazy and saying that #3 is your lie!

Lisa said...

I love your thankful list! It reminds me of all the things I should be thankful for and sometimes forget. Congrats again on the big news!!
Michele sent me!!

jude said...

do you feel like you are going up the hill on the roller coaster ride??

WendyWings said...

Hmm I am going to go with number 2 :)

Michele sort of sent me, I just had to make sure your blog was working and it IS :)

Tammy said...

Great list, and a neat idea! :)

Visiting via Michele tonight.