Thursday, February 09, 2006

In My Stables: Not Crazy, Just A Little Unwell..

Hello folks! It's that time of the week again when I introduce a new stable tenant, and this time I'd like you all to give a warm WELCOME for Kim-Julia of Not Crazy, Just A Little Unwell...! APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!

Kim-Julia is originally from Bremen, Germany, and works in a small advertising firm there. There is so much to know about this young girl, and at such a young age she seems to have lived quite a full life already. Click here to know 200 things more about our guest for the week.

Oh, and she just recently celebrated her birthday, too (February 7). So what a perfect time to greet her and make her feel welcome! So you know your next move -- trot over to her site found at my right sidebar, give it a click, and leave her a message telling her that Chrixean whispered her name and told you to greet her a Happy Birthday! :-)

1 comment:

kim said...

hey, thanks for the supersweet welcome and the space :)