Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Random stuff from my stables:

I am not one to hold on too long to achievements, for I believe that we are only as good as our last piece of work. So I'm packing up my silver medals for now (all six of them, hehe) and will peomise to do more blog stretches and toning ups to prepare me for the next Blog Olympics! Watch out contenders!


I've been really truly elated these past few days after learning of my pregnancy. I've gone back to looking at old pregnancy photos of mine, rummaging through my shelves for old maternity books and dusty copies of "What To Expect..." softbound series, and have done my "health food" grocery shopping all in the span of one week. One thing I have not fully accepted yet is the fact that I am slowly unable to fit into my current clothes. My tight fitting baby tees, my bermuda shorts, and my slim-cut bottleg jeans. Particularly my brand new Seven For All Mankind jeans!!! Waaaaah!!!!

I managed to slip into a few pairs (the ones that are extremely low-waist where my belly rests just right on top of the buttons). But who am I kidding? One month later and I probably will only be able to get them up to my hips! Yes people, my belly grows rather fast when I'm pregnant, and no i have not been cheating on my diet!

So out of frustration, I went out to nearby maternity shops at the mall and managed to buy a few pairs of maternity jeans. They were ok (not too excited with the adjustable belly pouch and the waist garters), but I silently wished that designer maternity jeans were made available here. Saw a few that I liked online like this pair of Citizens of Humanity maternity Kelly Jeans which I found on Due Maternity. Sadly, they aren't available in any of the stores here.



I'm actually supposed to be posting my Blind Contour for last Fridays' BCFF. But I wasn't to fond of the topic which was to do insects! I mean, it's bad enough that I hate them, but to stare at one particular insect (oh my, to decide on the best subject to draw...) for at least 5 minutes only to get really disgusted (at it and at my drawing) is something I'd gladly decline to do. But for all those who are interested and do not mind looking at BCDs of insects, please drop by Inkfinger's and check out all the participants' drawings!


Update on my "breaking it to him gently" plan, Allan and I have slowly gotten Nicky a bit warmed up to the idea of me carrying a new baby. I overheard father and son talking about how Nicky can teach his little sib how to draw cool cars and trains, and how he can be "mommy's little assistant" when mommy's tummy starts to grow. Our official "announcement date" is set for Wednesday, where his daddy will sorta-kinda "find out" that a baby is indeed on its way and will take Nicky and I out to dinner for the Grand Welcoming celebration. I know, it's such a big hoopla but it's the only way we know best to get the little boy excited. At least for now. :-)


Carmi said...

I am so happy for you and your family. What wonderful news!

Sounds like you're doing all the right things to prepare Nicky for the little sibling's impending arrival. Any parent expecting a second would do well to read this entry.


It's worth a try.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Wow, that's great news! Preggers! You know, I bought maternity clothes, but I ended up wearing my regular clothes the most... Anything stretchy like yoga pants and long flowy tops worked great- and I felt better about myself wearing them, too. And I gained 50 lbs, during the pregnancy, so it wasn't like I was a tiny li'l thing at the time!

Trinity13 said...

They sell a special jeans extender that you can use...that way you can stay in your pre-baby pants longer!

Petite Queen said...

I am petite,being onli 153 cm tall.I really duno if i wud ever find clothes to fit my size wen i am pregnant.Gosh,i guess i have to tailor make my clothes....wawawWawwaawawawawa!

bozette said...

I like them pant they look so cool