Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Whazzup, Whazzup?

I've been busy these past days (as you may have realized seeing that my last post was Thursday last week!), and it was guilt that drove me to make this post. Here's a quick glimpse of how my week has been so far:
  • Sunday - Attended our community Pentecost celebration. It was really great and was a refreshing change to the toxicity of the previous days. Then went back to work on a billboard for a famous plastic surgeon couple here in our country. Took me HOURS to do digital plastic surgery on their photos. I should be getting paid by the millions. Not them!
  • Monday - Sent final artworks and CDs to our client whose company does Family Ministry videos. Then went on to work on a new client's project which was to create 3 studies of wall murals for their office. Was really cool and was quite inspired to do it since I had tons of neat high-resolution photos to choose from. This took up 3/4 of my day already because the mural was quite big (96" X 165"), which meant more careful attention to detail was required.
  • Tuesday - Nicky's first day of school in his new "big school" -- and was up at 6:30am! Ok, to many of you, that may not seem shocking, but for me who wakes up at 9-10am everyday, 6:30 is an ungodly hour! Stayed with him for 2 hours, to more or less ease him into the change of environment, then went back home to get an additional 1 hour of sleep (my baby was kicking so badly that I had to lie down to rest). Then went off to another meeting with Jennie and Allan at 2:30pm. Met with a new client for a new project which was going to be a lot of work, but was also quite exciting to do.
  • Wednesday - That's today! It's only 1pm, and already I emailed some quotations, did sketches for a brochure layout I'm preparing to do for a new project, did revisions on a certificate for a pediatrics department of a hospital, and plastic-wrapped and labeled all of Nicky's school books and supplies.
Ok, I guess this really isn't much of a post than it is a photocopy of my daily planner. It's more like a sticky note to all of you who might be wondering -- whatever happened to her? So anyway, I'll be back tomorrow for my Thankful Thursday post, and hopefully I will have a lot more to say there.

I will leave you now with a question that (if you decide to answer it) will definitely make my work a bit more lighter:

What one-word object / image comes to mind when you think of this word -- INTEGRATED?



Phew! that was quite a list of things you did. Get a break.
Your question integrated for me gives me a meaning of putting or bringing things together.

Trinity13 said...

Wow, you are busy!!! Get some rest girl!

Oh, when I think of integrated, I see two different colored hands holding each other.

Btw, I have an annoucement at my place!