Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thankful Thursday 20

Thankful Thursday: What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

  • For all the work that our company has been awarded with this past week. Truly the Lord works in wondrous ways. I have re-learned the valuable lesson of prayer, faith and seed-sowing, and how giving to others and to the Lord of ourselves assures us of God's faithfulness to our needs.
  • For all the votes I received in determining my baby's name. I am still open to receiving your vote if you haven't yet. I'm waiting to reach a quota, hehe.

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Trinity13 said...

I would love to have a baby name poll as well, but this baby has been named for months now! :-)

texasblu said...

What a cute idea!

And yes, the Lord works miracles that we don't even know about... :)

Viamarie said...

You and Allan are truly blessed because you have been very good children of God. Keep this up!


UziCue said...

I am not currently participating in the Thursday 13. I used to. But I would still like to be on your regular blogroll.
I have added you to mine.
Have a good day!

eph2810 said...

I am so ha'ppy for you to receive all the work for your company. But you need to take a little easy though. It is a great picture of you - or is that not you? I would blush if it is not.
Oh, you are still taking votes for your little girl's name. I am looking forward seeing which name you are picking - although both are beautiful.
Living in His grace...