Monday, November 14, 2005

A Wicked Surprise

What a crazy, exciting and fun Saturday it was for me. Jen's sisters (Miren and Patty) and I have been conspiring for weeks to organize Jennie's wedding shower party. It took about 2 weeks to decide on the theme, the concept, the guest list... and another week to invite guests, assign potluck food, follow-up on attendance. It was actually fun planning and putting the whole thing together. What was difficult was trying to keep everything a secret, especially for me and Jen's sisters because we speak to Jennie almost everyday! So throughout all the sneaking around, textings and YMs in the middle of the night, email exchanges, and crazy runabouts getting lost looking for the venue (i was late for the shower, would you believe that? I got the villages mixed up -- Went to Merville instead of Marcelo green Village in Paranaque!! Smart! But i still got there ahead of Jennie -- Phew!), we finally managed to give Jennie her dream bridal shower (i hope...).

Anyway, here are pictures from the Wicked-themed party (Jennie and her family love the musical Wicked so it was only appropriate to make the show, along with other popular Broadway shows, the theme of the party).

Thanks to Me-An and Patty who helped me big-time by sending me broadway playbill photos for the look of the posters and invitations (see extreme top photo) and Me-an especially for putting together those super fun shower games (thank you even more for excluding me from them, haha!). Thanks to Miren and Patty for all the help, grabe! -- I wouldn't have a clue what to do with a Broadway-themed videoke session if not for their extensive collection of music, musical shows and minus-one CDs! Oh, Miren's souvenir broadway musical CD compilations were a perfect remembrance to all Jen's guests. Really nice... And of course, a big thank you to all the guests who confirmed, got to the venue on time (even when I was the one who arrived late -- kakahiya!), brought food, and just made Jen's special day even more super-duper extra special by simply being there and letting her know just what she means to them :-)

Lastly, to Jennie, my sweet soul sister and over-all best friend -- i hope this will be one of your best-remembered days in the video gallery of your mind... I'm really glad to have been a part of it :-)

Now off to the wedding day!


Karen Rani said...

How cool! I SO wish you lived here so we could plan parties together! How fun! Looks like your guest of honour had a wonderful time....great job!

ribbiticus said...

without your overall coordination, that would not have happened. for that, we are eternally grateful. you should ask jennie to name their first daughter after you - hehehe. :)

Chrixean said...

Hey MamaK! Now that i know what a task like this entails, i definitely will not hesitate to do parties there with you! :-)

Me-An, i think Jennie will also be eternally thankful for not naming her child after me -- if she chose my real name, that is. Haha.

Patty N. Defensor said...

I think for any event to be successful, one needs a real, dedicated team leader and player, like Ms. Peachy M.. Not only did she see this wedding shower through, working in stealth and coordinating everything to the minut(est) detail, I discovered it truly takes a level-headed multi-tasker like her to get things going and done!