Thursday, November 10, 2005


One of my favorite bloggers, dear MamaK, tagged me with the theme "Seven Things" and i found her own list quite interesting. So i'm posting my answers to her tag to feed my own curiosity about myself... Don't worry guys, I'm not tagging anyone. But you can feel free to make your own list on your blog if you feel like it :-)

Here goes...

7 celebrity crushes:
1. Brad Pitt - Er....uhm....drool.....
2. Mark Wahlberg - The Italian Job did it for me
3. Richard Gere - And so what if he's an oldie?
4. Orlando Bloom when he was Legolas - My oh my, what a hot blond he was......
5. Tom Cruise - ok, it's a bit cliche but it doesn't mean he's no longer handsome. And I can pretend Katie does not exist....
6. Hugh Jackman - love the accent, love the body, love the face
7. Jim Caviezel - Oh no! Is this sacrilege? But, but, his eyes are just so beautiful....

7 Things I'm good at:
1. Graphic Design and Digital Imaging
2. Drawing (depends on my mood)
3. Singing (it's the stage fright that kills it)

4. Cooking for my hubby - Chicken fajitas, Tuna pasta, Chicken in Tarragon Cream Sauce are my specialties :-)
5. Playing billiards (for a girl, at least)
6. Irritating my husband
7. Shopping (hehehe)

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Make sure i've set aside an inheritance for my children and grandchildren
2. See Nicky (and whoever other child will come after him) get married and become successful in his chosen career
3. Meet and get to enjoy being with my grandchildren
4. Travel to places I still have not seen
5. REALLY finish an oil painting and be proud enough to display it at an exhibit

6. Create a children's book with my friend Jennie
7. Make sure I let my husband know just how much I love him and how my life was made more meaningful because of him :-)

7 things I cannot do:
1. Write to save my life
2. Wrap gifts - I suck at it. I can't even cut tape properly!

3. Burp on command
4. Lying - I always get caught... so what's the point?
5. Add, subtract, multiply, divide and anything that has to do with Math and numbers!
6. Small talk. I hate small talk.
7. Interior Designing - i can't seem to automatically know how to match furniture pieces. It's sad....

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Height
2. Smile (beautiful teeth is a bonus, but not a requirement)
3. Lean yet fit body
4. Eyes

5. Sense of humor
6. Thoughtfulness
7. Loyalty

7 things I say often:
"can i share?" - to all my close friends when i have to break a news bit...
"hello!" - said in astonishment over something that was said to me
"masaya ba?" (is it happy?) - in reference to almost everything when i want to know if a person likes something
"whatever" - most often used when Allan and I argue and i get tired of making my point (men!)
"love you, baby" - to Nicky, because he'll always be a baby to me.... *sniff*


Karen Rani said...

Great job Chrixean! I so cannot believe Tom Cruise made your list though! BLECH! Oh least the rest of you is sane! LOL!

ribbiticus said...

me too, peach! crazy tom's on your list? you probably didn't see how he "attacked" matt lauer on the today show...scary!

Chrixean said...

oh, really? haha! Sorry MamaK and Me-An! I actually don't seriously have any REAL crushes on these celebrities -- i actually base them purely on looks. So if i were to look at Tom Cruise, i actually would really JUST look and stare at him...hehe.....