Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Room With A View

Nicky's reaction to the scene: "Look ma, Papa God is greeting me a Happy Birthday!" Awww.....*sniff*

Sunset from the veranda

Back from a weekend of R & R, and i am obsessed with guilty thoughts of wanting to escape the reality of life back home and at the office for a week of absolute bliss at a beach resort (anywhere!), and never ever wanting to go back home! Being away even for just 2 days, and really appreciating the time away to just recover and be refreshed, was an absolute blessing. See, there are only three things in my life right now that i absolutely MUST indulge in when i am stressed, anxious and at my wit's end to keep my sanity and love for life -- a) Great food in a great restaurant, b) An overnight stay (at the least!) in a great hotel, and c) TRAVEL. By God's love and abundant blessings, i am grateful to be able to enjoy these indulgences with my family, the most recent being our trip to Subic.

It was Nicky's birthday weekend celebration and we opted to hie off to the beach and spend time away from home as a family, instead of the much-expected birthday party we originally thought of throwing. It was a great experience for all of us because it gave us a chance to bond, enjoy the place and relax. The best part of it all -- our hotel suite. Not a fancy suite that you would compare to a hotel in Makati or Manila, but a fantastic room with a heavenly view of God's majestic creation. The hotel we stayed at was the Subic Park Hotel which is only a little less than 2 years old, very modern, very clean and very AFFORDABLE! For half the price of a Deluxe room at the Mandarin, the Subic Park Hotel offers breakfast for 2 and a suite room facing the beach and the mountains surrounding Subic. Really a great place to stay with your family, friends or your "honey" because even the food is great and reasonably priced. PLUS, you get to swim at the hotel pool that has the sea, the mountains and the bright blue sky as your backdrop! It was simply to die for, considering that we really didn't go that far (or spend too much!) to enjoy a time of sun basking and chilling out.

Man, i'm so babaw, i swear! But with the harsh reality of day-to-day living that one has to face on a regular basis -- being a wife, being a mom, being a working mom and a working wife, running errands, meeting people, meeting deadlines, feeding the dog, feeding the family -- it wouldn't hurt to want more than just living your life, would it? Besides, all it really took was to ask for a room with a view;)


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The White Rabbit said...

hey that title is one of my most fave films of all time!!! would make a great blog title too...heniway, yup those are great pics. looks like professional stock photos. naks, congrats allan! hehe.

by the way, can i just say you can start writing articles na! this one could pass for a press release feature article for the Subic Park Hotel, masquerading as a blog entry.

ok, just wanted to say hi. see ya!