Sunday, March 06, 2005

Life's A Peach

Several times I've been asked by friends why I was named Peachy when my real name was far from sounding like its pet name (ok, no need to announce to the world what my real name is....) In one my cell group activities in Ligaya, we had an exercise where we had to research the etymology of our names for us to discover how God fulfills His purpose in us thru the name He called us. I did a bit of research (ok it was just a trip to my mom's room and a visit to the online dictionary) and found out what my pet name meant (never mind knowing the meaning of my real name -- let's just say it was a LAME choice of a name).

According to my mom, I was named Peachy because: 1) Her cousin's name was Peachy and this particularly Peachy was intelligent, beautiful and creative (hmm....did I exist in another lifetime? hehe), and she wanted me to embody these traits that her cousin possesed. 2) My face was the shape and the color of a peach the first time she saw me in the delivery room (aah....hmmm....) And then of course there is the dictionary meaning of peachy - (Cambridge Advance Learner's Dictionary) peach (EXCELLENT); noun [S] someone or something which is excellent or very pleasing; peachy INFORMAL - very good.

Looking back at the meanings and reasons behind I was called Peachy, I thought for a moment about what makes my life indeed, well, peachy. So I came up with a short list of just what makes my life a PEACH:

1. Allan and Nicky
2. My Left Hand Creative Solutions - Why? Find out: and
3. Cows - I have been an avid collector of cows since highschool. I have stuff that range from cow books, cow posters and paintings, "mooing" cookie jars, cow curtains, tablecloths... you name it.
4. Unicorns - I must say, I do love unicorns and i have statuettes, paintings, postcards and other small items that glorify the single-horned mythical beast.
3. Cibo Restaurant - I will absolutely DIE if I don't get to eat my favorite Pesto Genovese (please change noodles to Spaghettini) and a plate of Paté de Fegato (please make it Foccacia bread instead of Crostinis). Ask anyone, i could eat here every freakin' day.
4. Chicken Fajitas and Tuna Cream Spaghetti - A few friends have complimented me on these recipes i have so often whipped up for occasions and MWG meetings, and it has somehow become my trademarked meals. Allan doesn't seem to mind:)
5. Peach - of course, as expected, peach is indeed (no kidding!) my favorite color. It was even the color motif of my wedding! But due to changing times, i have grown to love variations of the color (Salmon) and have grown to love newer and flashier colors as seen in my work (Chartreuse and Summer Gold).
6. Fried Balut - YES! I love butter and garlic-fried Balut as an appetizer or even as ulam to any meal -- morning or night! YUM!
7. Beatles - May all forms of music be eradicated from the face of the earth, just leave behind the legacy of the Beatles' music.
8. Mashed potatoes - Actually, most things potato -- Smashed, baked, fried, gratin. I actually craved it the whole time I was pregnant, which justifies my ballooning to 140lbs on the day I gave birth!

9. Ukay-Ukays - The best finds don't have to be branded and expensive, believe me! My closet is practically overflowing with stuff bought in U.K. (hehe)
10. Shoes - I take after my dad with this one. I could live with just a white shirt and a pair of tattered, worn-out jeans that badly needs mending and washing. But I absolutely cannot live without buying a new pair of shoes. In fact, when I meet a person for the first time (the secret's out!), first thing I look at are his shoes.... then i decide on the person's fate in my life....(I'm sorry, i'm bad....:P)

Oh well, these are just a few of the things that make life peachy. I'm sure there are others that i failed to put on the list. So for friends and family who know me well, feel free to add to my list. You might know me better than i do! hehe.

What about you? What makes your life a peach?

P.S. Just a little bit of trivia for those who don't know me well - I don't eat peaches. In fact, any fruit other than a banana will never be in my meal plan.


u l a n said...



And ice cream. Gotta have ice cream.

Chrixean said...

Mmmmm... I agree. I had potatoes AND ice cream pala when i was pregnant. BAD combination.

The White Rabbit said...


RAIN...not the meteorological
condition, but my future
baby girl's name.

FAMILY...that noisy, crazy bunch i
only see during birthdays,
and the occasional sunday

ATC....for my favorite pastime of
all time-- having intimate
lunches or quiet talks over
coffee and/or iced tea (i'm
not overly fond of coffee).

at the piano, of course.

WORDS...because they allow me to
live the way i do.

FRIED CHICKEN...because i love it.

BUTTERFLIES...because of my dad.

HOME...because that's where we all
long to go

ribbiticus said...

My fam - to keep me grounded

My God - to give me hope always

My friends - to keep me sane

Santol - my absolute favorite fruit in the world and one of the reasons why summers are always highly anticipated

Frogs - just cause the sight of them immediately brings a smile to my face

Rainy days - i love cool weather

Books and television - must-haves when you want time to fly by

Chippy, Cheez Curls, Nestle Crunch & Coke (to be eaten together) - best pig-out food ever! (",)