Thursday, March 10, 2005


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Recently had a photo shoot at a semiconductor plant for a client's corporate brochure. It was a fun shoot considering we had to wear these smocks -- which we fondly referred to as "ninja suits"-- the entire time. The team comprised of Allan and I, Emil (our photographer) and two assistants. Jennie, though not part of the day's shoot, had her chance to don the required attire at a previous meeting with the client (and i must say, the booties fit perfectly over her shoes that day! hehe). It was a really quick shoot (considering the ones we are used to which normally took an entire day) and it was all because, as our client put it, "they didn't need to show any facial expressions in their shots". So true! I could hardly even tell who was part of My Left Hand and who worked for the client. I'm posting these photos just for fun, and so you'll know what I'm talking about. As you can see, we have the ninjas in white and our "smurfette" client who was the only one in blue.

Go, Ninja! Go, Ninja! Go, Ninja, GO!

P.S. Click on the pic to enlarge and see the details and captions (liit e!)

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