Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thankful Thursday 41

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What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

  • Time for myself. My dear hubby treated me to a wonderful foot pampering at my favorite Tips N' Toes place. It was the only day when I could just kick off my shoes, sink into an ultra-soft lounge chair, and doze off without any worries.
  • Time for Keira and Nicky. Tuesday was a national holiday here, which meant no work for me and no school for Nicky. We spent the day at home together, and I was able to pour my energy into spending time with the kids without work to distract me.
  • Time to cook. Because of the holiday, I was able to set aside time to prepare one of my hubby's favorite dishes -- my tuna cream pasta.
  • Time to blog. This week has been really, really hectic. I've gone back to work (but mostly just doing my computer / desk jobs) and I've had to do a lot of catching up. This, in between taking care of Keira, has kept my schedules full.

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Viamarie said...

You're lucky to have a very thoughtful,supportive and caring husband.


chinois97 said...

the tuna cream pasta sounds good... please email me the recipe!

slap me happy said...

you sound so busy already and then to go back to work, gee your brave.

Meow said...

Gosh, back at work already. You certainly have your hands full. Hope you are enjoying the lovely new-born baby time with Keira .. it is such a special time.
Take care, Meow

eph2810 said...

This sounds awesome, Chrixean. I am glad that you had some time. I know - I am a week late, but I didn't post last week my Thankful Thursday.