Monday, August 29, 2005

Time Will Reveal

In August 1998, Allan and I got married under civil rites. It was a whirlwind romance -- we decided that we wanted to marry each other just 2 weeks after meeting for the very first time. Then just 2 months after that, Allan formally proposed marriage to me while I was confined at a hospital (for a thyroid illness). Not an ideal setting for such a romantic and momentous event, but very memorable still as he carried into my hospital room and handed to me a giant box (as in Balikbayan Box giant) with a huge bow. It was freaky at first, as I wondered whether a male stripper was due to jump out of it anytime (ok, ok…so I was hoping….). I opened this box and a dozen purple balloons float to the ceiling, all tied together by a beautiful diamond engagement ring! I said YES immediately! And boy did everything else come as quickly as well…

We announced our engagement to everyone and within just a week, my future in-laws came for the formal “pamamanhikan”. Then quick fast forward… we got married in civil rites on August 20, moved in together, then we went on to plan our much-awaited October church wedding. WHEW! Fast? You bet! Even we needed to catch our breath! It was more like a tornado romance!

This year, Allan and I are celebrating our 7th year anniversary (we chose our October wedding date instead so as not to confuse our families). Wow, has it been 7 years already? Looking back, I probably am just a teensy bit surprised that we’ve made it this far despite our very unusual beginnings. We started out as totally different people with different perspectives of how life should be. We had our fair share of ups and downs, and large doses of joys and letdowns throughout our marriage. We’ve had our fights and we’ve had our celebrations. But all in all, despite all our differences -- these past 7 years have been the most amazing years of my life! We’ve been through so much together, both happy and sad, and by God’s amazing grace, we now share a united plan and purpose for our life together and look forward to several more years of amazing and God-filled experiences yet!

To close, I would like to post a poem I wrote to Allan a month after we met (forgive me if it is not an astounding literary piece, but hey, it’s heartfelt…). I know it’s so cliché to say that with Allan, it was love at first sight. But it is true. I felt real love the moment i saw him. And I’m glad that he will be my only love for all of my life.

A crack in the mirror
Is what I see
Creating the distortions
In your image of me
A refracted ray
Blinds your eyes
To my iniquity, my vice
Yet beneath the glass
You saw right through
My soul, pale reflections
Somber tints and hues
A crack in the mirror
You failed to behold
Through polish and care
Crystals did unfold!
Illumination and color
Teemed your heart, your soul
Your love has endured
The hard biting cold
My defenses gave way
All barriers caved in
I surrendered my spirit
To this feeling within
Now you I have found
Whom forever I will trust
To clear the glass,
Rid the stain,
And mend the crack that never was.

-CMC April ’98-


ribbiticus said...

Beautiful poem, Peach! Sure looks to me like you'll be one of the few couples who'll be able to hurdle the 7-year itch. Happy anniversary in advance! Here's to more fun-filled years together! ;)

AnneMac said...

No 7-year itch? Hehe.

Wow, reading entries like this make me look forward to married life. I hope to post something like this 7 years from now.

Happy Anniversary! And many more!

Chrixean said...

Thanks, guys! :-)

minnie said...

sis, a touching love story... a heartwarming poem... yup! the love bug has bitten you talaga.

looking at the 2 of you now, i can only say that the love has even grown stronger, beyond appearances, despite weaknesses. and with the Lord right in the midst of your love, i'm certain the love will last a lifetime.

happy anniversary!