Monday, January 15, 2007

Choco Scare!

Found this really cool online game on my friend Melanie's blog, and i asked permission to post this on mine. As a marketing gimmick for their new dark chocolates, M&M's challenges you to name 50 dark or scary movies based on clues from a Renaissance painting in this Flash based game. Name as many as you can, then post your answers here by leaving me a comment. I will post the answers after a few days, so name as many as you can!

To start the game, click on the pic:


chinois97 said...

Pinky and I just got 26 out of 50 after 36 minutes of play! Wala na talagang mapiga e!

eph2810 said...

It is a cool game - but I only knew four of - I am not good at 'dark movies' since I don't watch them.
But I got:
Seven, Twelve Monkeys, Saw and Friday the 13th. I only got it from the clues in the picture though - lol.