Saturday, January 06, 2007


"What? Can't open Blogger?"

Blogger has been very, very, very frustrating this past week. Would you believe that after one whole day of trying to open Blogger's dashboard, it's only now (12 hours later) that I was able to access it? I can blame it on the recent earthquake in Taiwan, which affected almost all our internet connections and phone lines. Because of the quake, we are all still having great difficulty with our Yahoo emails and Yahoo Messenger services, which has lead me to revive my dormant Gmail account. Or I could simply blame it on Blogger's poor service. Either way, it pisses me off so bad that I am contemplating moving my entire blog to another space. I actually have another blog account at Multiply, which I've been using as a mirror for my Unicorn Child blogspot site. Right now I use it as a photo album to store my photos. I haven't really decided if I want to migrate to Multiply because I don't think I can customize my blog to the look I want. And because I'm a cheapy, I want my blogging service to be free.

So, if you've been dropping by these past days expecting to see photos of my recent Christmas and New Year celebrations, as well as my latest Thankful Thursday post, I apologize. Not my fault that the internet connection sucks and Blogger sucks. I will be posting our holiday celebration photos, by hook or by crook! And if you come by in a day or two and still find this same post, then understand that Blogger is being BAD again and is not letting me in! Instead, go straight to my Multiply blog and view my photos from there. Here's the link (I suggest you add this to your blogroll already just in case I never show up here again!) -->

Any suggestions where I can move my blog to? I need an alternative address, quick!


eph2810 said...

I did send you an email, but with that account you can't customize either...Hm - don't know where else to send you though...

I love the picture of your kids in front of the PC :) - Too cute how your little girl is on her big brother's shoulder.

Oh - btw - I didn't know you had an earth-quake. I am glad you are all okay!

Pinky Sy said...

Just like eph2810, found the kids' pic too cute! :) Keira is adorable - I'd love to squeeze her! Hahaha!

Definitely share your sentiments on the internet glitch... BAD talaga!

Hope all's well with you. Take care!


Poor big brother! Too young to have such heavy load on his shoulders. (Lol). Very cute both of them.


Poor big brother! Too young to have such heavy load on his shoulders. (Lol). Very cute both of them.

Meow said...

Goodness, hope you can sort out the blogger / internet issues soon. That doesn't sound like fun.
I hope, otherwise, 2007 is treating you well.
Take care, Meow

chinois97 said...

Keira and Nicky are so cute.

We encountered the same problems here in KSA although things are much better now. I'm sure things will normalize soon.

Kelly said...

I love this picture of your children! They sure are beautiful! Blogger is the pits, sometimes. I don't have the earthquake excuse, though; I am just plain impatient! :-)

Lynn Donovan said...

That is the coolest picutre of your kids at the computer. Priceless.. I liked your place. Will be back. :)