Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary!


May God continue to bless your union with a strong bond of love and respect, good health and lots and lots (ok, maybe three at most to start) of lovely children! :-D

P.S. It says the first year is called your "Paper Anniversary"... may you be showered with lots of paper gifts -- with dollars and peso signs all over them...hehehe....

With tons of love from my family to yours...

God bless!

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The White Rabbit said...

thank you thank you! sorry for the very late reply. as you very well know, i haven't even been able to sit at my computer for 2 seconds during this whole season. the work has been non-stop, and although i'm incredibly tired, i'm very grateful for the opportunities, the provisions, and most of all, for the chance to keep learning something new everyday!

thanks for being part of our first year. we are forever grateful for everything. so...let's do Tagaytay soon like we planned, ok? :-)