Monday, July 18, 2005

Red Sea, White Wedding

Peachy & Nicky off to a wedding
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I am so back! I crossed the Red Sea as I said I would, and now I'm back on dry land. After a month and a half of hell and high waters, and a week of being cooped up in a hospital room (Allan was confined in the hospital for Atypical Pneumonia and Gout!), I am ready to move forward and face newer, brighter and more exciting days ahead! I mean after hitting rock solid bottom... there's really nowhere else to go but up, right? So up i go...

First few things on top of my list after stepping out of the hospital? Get a pedicure, have my hair shampooed and blow-dried, attend a wedding! For the latter, I really had no choice. I would have wanted to get a massage or a facial ( a much-needed one!), but Nicky was assigned to be a coin bearer at Allan's cousin's wedding so I had to go as his "moral support" (aside from the fact that Nicky can't drive to the church, hehe). Turns out Nicky didn't really need any. He was as confident as he always has been -- doing the task he was asked to do without any complaints or apprehensions. Of course, I know he would have prefered to watch Spongebob that night over marching down Santuario de San Antonio's looooong center aisle. But being the obedient boy that he is, he just took on the task and made sure he had fun doing it. In fact, he had so much fun that night that he made lots of friends, and made sure he included himself in every single bride-groom photo he could get away with.

Hmm... I could learn a thing or two from Nicky.

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