Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Goodbye to Blogger!

I've had this blog in Blogger for almost 3 years already, and I must say that I will definitely miss this stable that I've grown to love dearly. I have met several really good friends from all over the world through this blog, and I've learned so much about so many people through this little home in cyberspace. I've shared my life, my successes, my sorrows, my thoughts and feelings to hundreds of readers, as they have shared theirs with me too.

Sadly, after 3 years, I must say goodbye to my home in Blogger. It's really hard to maintain several sites, as I now own 3 (two which are in I've made my new home in Multiply now (I just find the photo albums there so much more convenient to have) and I hope you would all visit me there someday.

For all those who would like to hook up with me still, please link your site to mine:

I look forward to your visits as I continue to prance around in cyberspace. To all my friends who I'm leaving behind here at the mystic-stables... thank you for allowing me to get to know you all. Hope to meet you all again soon :)


eph2810 said...

Can't leave you comment on your new site, since I am not a member there...

Hope you and your family is doing well.

(((hugs))) and blessings...

Techgape said...


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