Monday, April 30, 2007

They're Growing So Fast!

My kids are growing up so fast! They say (well to me, at least) that the less you see your kids, the faster they seem to grow. Well, I see them the whole day nearly every single day and I still get shocked at just how fast they've grown in the last few months! Time is indeed the most precious treasure of all....

For all of you who would like to know my kids better, here are just a few of their descriptions:

  • 8 years old
  • 2nd grader this coming schoolyear
  • Chess enthusiast
  • A voracious reader of Philippine history, and the lives of national heroes and Philippine presidents
  • Math and Science wiz
  • Prehistoric genius particularly in the area of dinosaurs
  • Pokemon trader and collector
  • Artist / performer
  • Book Talk champion
  • 7 months old
  • Weighs 22 pounds and very tall for a Filipina baby girl (only clothes that are for ages 12 months and up fit her)
  • Started solid foods last month and loves Gerber Applesauce, Squash and Sweet Potatoes. "Dislikes" any Cerelac flavor but eats them anyway
  • Sits up on her own, crawls crazily around her playmat and can stand up on her own when holding on to outstretched arms or bedposts
  • laughs and squeals out loud when watching the Bear in the Big Blue House
  • Can say "mamamama!", "dadadadada!" and "grrrrrr!"
  • Can make a mean "keirachu" face


Meow said...

It's such a shame that they grow up so fast ... why can't we enjoy each stage of their lives for just a little bit longer. My baby just turned 13 ... wow, that's pretty scary.
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow


You're a very lucky mom to be able to enjoy your kids and watch them grow. You're lucky to always see their firsts.