Tuesday, March 27, 2007

In His Loving Arms

This lovely photograph was taken by Keira's beauteous ninang Jennie

I see this picture and I think of how Keira has allowed her daddy's loving arms to surround her and how she surrenders to his protection and comfort -- trusting that he is in control, that he loves her and that she can find peace in believing so. How wonderful it must be to be an infant once more, innocent and trusting, in the presence of our heavenly Father! I look at this picture and I close my eyes.... imagining that I am Keira and my papa God is carrying me with the assurance that He is in control, that He will protect me, and that I have nothing to be afraid of. I am a baby again in my papa's loving arms. I am safe :-)


Viamarie said...

This is indeed a very touching pose.

Nicely captured and beautifully executed.


slap me happy said...

what a little beauty she is, and getting so very big now. I have 12 weeks to go still and am now getting very tired but have a feeling this is going to be our last one so am determined to enjoy it all of it lol

Denise said...

What a precious blessing.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

What a beautiful photo!


Kathleen Marie said...

What a touching picture...a treasure!

Meow said...

Beautiful photo, Chrixean.
Hope all is well.
Take care, Meow

Shelly said...

Hi. I really like your blog. Was wondering if you want to add it to my directory? Thanks Shelly

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The White Rabbit said...

Kudos to the beauteous ninang! Hehehe. :-D

eph2810 said...

It is indeed a beautiful picture.

Yes, it is very cool to imagine the loving arms of our Heavenly Father around us.

Thank you for sharing, Chrixean.