Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby Blues

Last week was extremely tough for my family and I. My dear baby girl was rushed to the emergency room at 3am last Monday because of extremely high grade fever. She had experienced fevers earlier in the evening and we've been monitoring her temperature all throughout the night. It caused quite a panic when we suddenly saw her whole body tremble intensely due to chills and when her skin started to turn a deep blusih-gray color! My poor baby! While in the car driving to the hospital, I was hugging my dear Keira with a blanket wrapped tightly around her now really blue body. I was crying the whole way as I heard her breathing becoming shallow. I prayed deeply to Papa God to please watch over Keira as this was a situation where we had entirely no control of. What was happening? My baby is only 4 months old! Boy did I wish she could speak right at that moment just so I'd know what she was feeling! We arrived the emergency room after 15 minutes of travel, and the nurses immediately attended to her with a hot lamp placed over her, a thermometer, and a cold sponge bath. Her temperature was an alarming 40 degrees centigrade! I thought I'd faint then and there because apparently the whole time I was carrying her she was already having a convulsion.

After several blood tests done to her very young skin (again, poor baby!) and urinalysis tests, it was found that she had UTI (urinary tract infection) and the bacteria that was inside of her was a grave one -- E. Coli. She was immediately given treatment in the form of antibiotics that had to be administered intravenously. The medicines given were painful and I watched Keira cry each time they'd inject it into her vein. It was so emotionally exhausting to watch your newborn experience pain -- each time they'd prick her, I wished they'd just prick me instead. After 7 days of being the hospital, Keira finally came home Sunday evening. Her pus cell count had gone down from an overwhelming "LOADED" number to "0-2". She had undergone an ultrasound a day before as requested by her nephrologist to check whether her organs were normal. Thank God, she was cleared of any abnormality. Right now, Keira is still undergoing treatment for E. Coli that may still be in her body, and the doctors are monitoring for improvements as they are fearful that the bacteria may ascend to her kidneys.

I am back to work again, catching up on deadlines. I am so relieved that we were able to get through this ordeal. Because of this, we held an emergency baptism in her hospital room. I guess the fearful thought that I could lose my unbaptized baby girl haunted me enough to seek a priest.

I continue to ask for prayers from all of you that Keira will recover completely and be restored to perfect health. I also ask for prayers for my sick grandmother who was hospitalized at the same day Keira was rushed. I promise to keep all of you updated on everyone's health. Thank you in advance for your prayers :-)


eph2810 said...

Praying for little Keira and your grandmother.
I am so glad that you have little Keira back home with you. thank you for the up-date.
Actually I kind of know what you went through. When our son was a baby he had an infection too and was in the hospital for week.

Blessings to you and your family.

chic said...

our prayers are with all of you! hope keira and grandma gets well soon for dominic's christening! = )

Pinky Sy said...

Peach, definitely a very scary experience which you couldn't wish on anyone! Hope Keira is recovering nicely... will continue to include her in our prayers. I remember I had a similar experience when Rafa was hospitalized at 1 month old due to bronchopneumonia - truly nerve-wracking! Thought I was going to lose my mind everytime they had to prick needles at him!

We ask for your prayers too, that the chicken pox virus in the boys' school (guess it was serious enough for them to send us a health advisory) does not infect Rafa or Marga (since Luigi already had it).

Take care, Peachy! Bless little Keira for us and kisses to Nicky too!


Rest assured that prayers are on the way for both your Keira and grandma.
I'm sorry to hear about them. In the picture, Keira seems to be a brave little girl.

Looney Mom said...

Oh my. I'm so sorry that your baby had to go through that. I know how painful it is to watch your children suffer. THANK God she is alright. That in itself is a great Thankful Thursday post. God bless you all.

chinois97 said...

Peachy, what an ordeal for Keira and your immediate family! We pray that the Lord continue to lay His healing hands upon Keira (and your grandmother).

Petite Queen said...

I hope and pray that your lil princess and grandma will recover soon...