Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thankful Thursday 25

As you all may have noticed, my two consecutive posts are my Thankful Thursday ones. Sadly, it is only today I had the chance to blog as I have been tied down to work (and to bed rest) for the past 6 days. Tsk...tsk...

Thankful Thursday: What CHRIXEAN is thankful for this week

1. For the grace that the Lord gives to each and every one of us who have crosses to bear (particularly in the area of health). It can be very frustrating for me to be limited in movements, since I am known to always be on the go and to endure long work hours if needed. But since the fall, I've become very careful with how I move around and I had to "force" myself to take a bed break during the day, for the baby's sake. It can get frustrating, but the Lord provides me the grace to get through the day without getting irritated or upset. My limitations help me to understand and sympathize with all the other people close to me who are sick and are helpless because of their incapacities.

2. For the opportunity for Allan to attend a prestigious advertising and marketing conference (ASAP Conference 2006) despite our tight schedules. The past weeks have been really crazy for us, especially for Allan, due to our ongoing office construction and the legwork that he had to do (since I had to stay in bed a lot). But this conference came up -- and it was a perfect opportunity for him to get out of the office for two days, learn new things that are happening in our industry, and meet new people -- that it was too good to pass up. Thankfully, the Lord allowed Allan's schedule to loosen up a bit, and even provided us the money needed to register for the event.

3. For the Lord's protection -- I cannot ask for anything more than to be reassured that my heavenly Father loves us so much that he has kept us from diseases, danger and harm. I was so touched last night when I saw Nicky's letter to Allan, after he complained earlier in the evening that he wasn't feeling well. The letter wrote:
Dear Daddy,

I am (feeling) dizzy.
Can you please protect me?

I love you.

Love, Nicky
I have never met anyone who adored his father more than Nicky adores Allan. I am so in awe at how freely Nicky expresses his feelings of love, and how freely he accepts the comfort he receives from his dad. I always attribute it to the fact that Allan and I have been ever visibly present in his life while growing up, and it has made him confident that whatever happens to him, good or bad, that we will be there to help and protect him. I am partly envious of his relationship with Allan, as I grew up seeing my dad every so often only because he was usually assigned to work in far places. But still, I've made the effort to open up to him my feelings as I was growing up and somehow I was able to re-establish a bond with him despite our physical distance. It makes me think of how rarely we express our love, appreciation and surrender to our Father in heaven, who is with us every second of the day to make sure we are alright.

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We rarely express ourselves with the Lord because I suppose we're humans. We human beings I assume attach ourselves to things that we can see and touch.
BTW, the balut was featured on last weeks Part 1 Thursday Thirteen.
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Beckie said...

That's a beautiful post...I was moved to pray for you. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself too.

God is sooooooooooo good!

eph2810 said...

What a wonderful Thankful Thursday. I am glad that you are taking it a little easier for the sake of your little baby girl :)...I hope that you will continue to step back a little...I know it is hard to do so, with your own business.
You son is very precious and I am happy that he displays the love for his earthly father this open.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Really nice!

texasblu said...

Nicky's devotion is very sweet - I'm sorry to hear you've been on bedrest. Having just done that, I totally relate. Is it temporary, or for the rest of the pregnancy?