Friday, October 14, 2005

On the 8th Day, God Made Lego

Now I've seen it all. Just when I thought I would no longer be amazed by the extent of what sculptures and life-sized objects these famous Lego bricks can create and just how patient these Lego "sculptors" can get with their masterpieces, I then stumble onto this website -- featuring the ENTIRE BIBLE (as in every single chapter and verse!) made out of Lego bricks! These amusing set of Lego dioramas are obviously the work of a Bible fanatic with way too much time on his hands! And crazy as it may seem to most of us, I must give credit to The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith for coming up with a truly unique and innovative way to get people to read and understand God's Book, from cover to cover.

Check out the entire Lego Bible at


ribbiticus said...
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ribbiticus said...

this is sooo cool! whoever had the tenacity to actually build them has got to be one dedicated dude. even as a kid, i had an inkling that creativity with these here thingamagigs would go as far as one's imagination could take it to. :)

SmellMyKnee said...

Mwahahaha funny! Thanks for sharing it. Medyo may weird sense of humor lang ang gumawa considering a lot of the stuff he put have the violent scenes. But then again... the history of the chosen people is indeed violent... until now.