Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wanted: Perfect Mother

I am currently holding 6 jobs. Not real employment positions, although one is an office job. I am not just a graphic designer, but i am also now a yaya, a cook, a driver, apart from my full-time role as a wife and home-maker, and a ministry servant in Ligaya.

It can be really tiring. And i haven't had a lot of time for myself or to do the things i would do on a normal day. So apologies if i am unable to update this blog. Today, particularly this hour, is one of the few windows i have free to do my personal errands.

I do not aspire to become a superwoman, or a perfect mother who can juggle office work and yaya work without breaking a sweat (or a bone!). I am looking for a yaya now to help share the household / child-related duties so i could focus my energies on finishing my office work on time, and i could spend REAL fun quality time with my son. So if any of you out there know of anybody who could save me from a nervous breakdown -- just holler!


Pssstttt....... by the way.......... 1 of the items in my wishlist finally came true...........

I am now working on a new Power Mac G5, which has been really GREAT! Everything about the Mac has been wonderful -- everything's faster, clearer, and i no longer have to worry about my computer freezing mid-way through my work or crashing due to the large files i've been storing. I also added a new IMac G5 and an IBook to my growing Mac family which the artists will eventually be working on.

So scratch them off the list for now -- i need to think of new stuff i could once again add to that list.

Hmmm..... still waiting for the Lord to send over the Mazda 3......

Abangan! hahaha:D

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tehume said...

I've already felt the same way... :-)