Saturday, April 23, 2005

American AARRRGH!!!

What the....?

Anwar Robinson was booted out of the running for American Idol and I'm upset. What is wrong with these people sending in their votes? My golly, have they not been really watching? OR LISTENING??? This is a singing contest, for heaven sakes, not a beauty contest! Why didn't they get rid of Anthony Federov who i personally feel is excruciating to watch or listen to (sorry to fans of Anthony out there)? I cannot ever forgive his "fast ballad" version of the Sound of Music's "Climb Every Mountain" (moan.....groan....). And since then, every other song that came out of his mouth was just plain agony to hear. I feel bad about Anwar's leaving. Although he may not have made the greatest choices for songs, he has never ever been criticized as being an awful singer and performer. He has at least 3 and 1/2 years of training as a tenor in classical technique! And he's just such a nice guy......sniff* (ok, getting carried away...hehe).

Well, i am now rooting for the underdog Scott. Not that i actually expect he will win the contest (i am still in my right senses, don't worry). But i just feel this wave of joy everytime i watch him hurdle each judgment night and continue to join the ranks of Bo Bice and Constantine (who i swear have sold their souls to the devil with the tremendous following they have) despite, well, the obvious.

I am quite happy with the remaining 5 choices, and i genuinely feel that making that decision to choose who deserves to stay on till "the" day will be difficult. And Anthony had better not be one of them. Really.

So, who's your money on to be the next AI?:)


u l a n said...

actually, the one who has sold his soul to the devil might actually be that anthony, who f---ing never gets booted out.

but for some reason, i don't see it as *primarily* a singing contest. it's more of an idol search talaga, whether or not that person is the best singer. eh tingnan mo naman ang idols sa US -- di naman necessarily magaling kumanta. can you say britney spears? hehehehe

Chrixean said...

alas, you speak the truth....